Valorant developers like to keep things fresh and balanced for better competitive gameplay, a quality admired by global valorant fans. Thus, the Breeze Map was reworked, as it was previously touted to be an Attacker-sided map. But do the newer changes disturb or improve any Breeze Map Strategies? Indeed they do!

Check out the best New Breeze Rework Strategies to clutch the rounds in your favor whether you’re an attacker or a defender!

Breeze Map Strategies After Rework

Walking along the spike plant sites will bring players into newer dimensions on Breeze because the rework changes several areas. You can read all about the changes here, and after you do, you’ll find plenty of new angles to hold.

Yet, before delving into the nitty-gritty of changes on the vast Breeze Map, it’s worth knowing, does the rework change the meta? Fortunately, it does not.

Breeze Map Strategies

Breeze Rework Valorant Meta Agents

The Meta Valorant Agents on Breeze remain the same, with Chamber, Sova, Viper, KAYO, and Sage being the constants. On the duelists’ side, both Jett and Raze appear promising all the same, with the Yoru Rework becoming equally appealing.

Beyond them, Valorant Agents like Skye, Astra, and Cypher remain a good pick. However, the same cannot be said for Omen and Brimstone, despite the Buff and Nerfs, respectively.

Valorant Breeze Rework Lineups

In the Breeze Rework Lineups department, several changes need to be made to gain the perfect outcomes. For instance, players will need to primarily redefine the A Cover, A-Plant, and A-Main lineups, among others.

Similarly, the B Spike site lineups need to be redefined too, as per the addition of crates and newer elevations. Alongside them, the B-Long sniping possibilities are now limited, but the Chamber Rendezvous can properly counter the deficit with a higher elevation position.

Breeze Map Strategies

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Breeze Rework Strategies For Attackers & Defenders

The strategies for Reworked Breeze Valorant Map demand more from Attackers & Defenders at both spike sites.

To put it simply, it is no longer A Walk in the Park for Attackers to secure a Spike plant site. Likewise, the Defenders are no longer at the mercy of whiffed aim to survive an invasion from the Attackers.

Breeze Map Strategies for Attackers

For Spike Site A

  • Let the Viper Toxic Screen be ready if you want to push a Spike site full-stack, otherwise use it to fake a push.
  • Securing the A Hall area is crucial if you’re attacking the A Spike Site to prevent rotations and post-plant surprises.
  • Post Spike Plant on A Site, have one agent Hold the Pyramids, while two agents defend the Yellow container.
    • The latter two will watch Mid Doors and A Bridge entry, respectively.
  • As a controller on Attacker Side, never smoke Entry points.
    • Instead smoke locations like A Switch, A Yellow, and the crates adjacent to the Mid Wood Doors.
Breeze Map Strategies

For Spike Site B

  • Have a lurk arriving after the 40s into the game from A Hall or Mid Nest to Defender Side Arches.
  • Push B Main & B Tunnel together to take out enemies on B Back and B Plant area respectively.
  • Use the Sage Wall or Viper Breeze Rework Lineups to limit B Wall Area push to assist the spike plant or to defend post-plant.
  • Expect at least two agents on the B Spike Site, one at B Back or on the pillars of B Plant area and another near B Tunnel.
  • Faking A plant and rotating to B Plant works when Lurk has secured A Hall area.

Breeze Map Strategies for Defenders

For Spike Site A

  • Acquire Mid Control by defending from Mid Nest or B Tunnel Area.
  • Have a controller engage their Breeze Rework Strategies for smoking both Spike Sites to prevent Attacker recon.
  • At least one Valorant Agent should be positioned near A Yellow or on the crates stack next to the A Switch area.
    • Doing so can help defend Mid Doors and A Pyramids.
  • Playing close to the backside, opposite Mid Doors of Pyramids can surprise Attackers and negate Mid Push opportunities.

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For Spike Site B

  • Use Chamber’s Rendezvous ability to climb any of two pillars on the B Spike Site to hold the B Main angle.
  • Either play B Wall or B tunnel, depending on how the Attackers push for the B Spike site.
    • A full-stack push should warrant holding B Wall, whereas two or three agents pushing B Site warrants holding the B tunnel.
  • Return to Defender Side Arches in full-stack attackers push.
    • Await your Lurk to arrive at B main or B elbow and then push together.
  • Hold A Hall Area and Mid Nest Area if attackers are seen to take their time in pushing either site.
    • It is always better if agent positions at those locations are interchanged frequently but unpredictably.
  • Use a Judge near B Main entrance with a Valorant Flash agent to assist with inducing a flash when B Site push is confirmed.

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The Takeaway

Plenty of Breeze Map Strategies can be implemented after the reworks which help to balance the map for both teams. While some Breeze Rework Lineups may remain the same, it’s vital to still experiment and define your own lineups. Doing so can better help you and your team get the upper hand in every combat.

Above all, practice Run & Gun with Phantom if you use it, or stick to Vandal since it’s better on a vast map like Breeze. GLHF!

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