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Learn Valorant Lineup Easily via A New Virtual Platform!

by Valo

Playing matches without having to learn Valorant Lineup is okay, but the game can become more exciting when you do. Seeing numerous players being careful about where and how they use a Valorant agent ability did get you curious, right? Not to forget, the joy of seeing a perfect Brimstone molly or Sova dart killing an enemy player!

Well, now you can learn Valorant Lineup without launching the game!

What is a Valorant Lineup?

A Valorant Lineup is an act of launching a Valorant Agent Ability from a specific location, direction, and elevation so that it lands on the precise spot. Mostly, a Valorant lineup is used to prevent spike plant, or to prevent spike diffuse.

Other times, Valorant lineups can help the players land kills without having an enemy in their line of sight. Likewise, Valorant lineups can also be used to help allies in tough situations or to put enemies in a corner.

learn Valorant Lineup

Can You Play Ranked Games Without Valorant Lineup?

Indeed, any Valorant player can carry on playing the game without using lineups. Yet, learning them is essential to gain rank because Silver Rank Players and above are all too familiar with them. With that said, improvising with the lineups is necessary for the same reason, because pro Valorant players know the lineup that might get them.

Learn Valorant Lineup Virtually!

Gone are the days when you need to launch the game to learn Valorant Lineup with an individual agent separately. The newest platform of learning Valorant Lineup is live and it features all the Valroant Agents with all the maps and a beautiful UI.

The VALOPLANT.GG offers millions of global Valorant players the ability to check and learn lineups in a simple manner. After visiting the website, simply click on the Learn Lineups option and you will be led to its Web Application where the magic happens!

learn Valorant Lineup - Sova

Using the app is simple. Start by picking a Valorant Map, then pick your Valorant Agent, followed by picking your side between the Attackers and Defenders. Lastly, pick the Valorant Agent ability and the web app will automatically present all the lineups in a graphical form.

Interested users who want to save it can also make use of the Playbook but it will require purchasing the Pro membership. Irrespective of it, any user can get plenty of lineups using the website, which they can also use to create their own strategies.

Moreover, although the featured lineups only exist for projectile-based abilities, they are plenty if you use them to improve your Valorant Rank and your KD ratio.

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Final Words

Valorant players can run their game parallelly and create a custom game to practice all the featured lineups. Another key aspect to remember when you set out to learn Valorant Lineup is that engaging in their implementation isn’t always for the best. The best tactic is unpredictability, so remember to surprise your opponents every while, to gain the upper hand. GLHF!

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