Valorant has become one of the leading tactical-FPS games in the industry with its concept of Agent-based FPS gameplay. Featuring over 18 distinctive Valorant Agents with various abilities across more than six maps, here are the Best Valorant Agents for Fracture Map!

Fracture – A Unique Valorant Map!

Valorant offered the global gaming community something wildly unique by releasing the Fracture Map. It’s as vast as Breeze but its layout is where the key difference makes it a historical map release.

The Fracture Map is shaped like the alphabet H. On the map, the Defenders or CTs spawn at the center with the Attackers or Ts on either side. Such a layout is the first to be ever featured in any tactical-FPS game!

Thus, Valorant Fracture Agents pick would naturally also be diverse by the reasons of acquiring or defending Map Control.

Best Valorant Agents on Fracture Map!

One might obviously believe that picking four or five best Valorant Fracture Agents can be a challenging task. Well, it is when you focus solely on what agents offer instead of factoring in the Map dimensions.

Upon looking closely at the various areas of the map, it’s easy to make the deduction that there’s not a lot of open ground, say like it is on Icebox or Breeze. At the same time, Fracture Map isn’t all too restrictive either like Haven or Split.

Hence, the Best Valorant Agent Picks for the Fracture map are determined based on their Abilities and Gameplay tactics possibilities.

1. Chamber

When your team needs an anchor to prevent a push or to be the spearpoint of attack, nobody beats Chamber. Introduced with the Valorant Patch 3.10, the weapons expert possesses lethal abilities that make him indispensable.

His Rendezvous ability can allow him to hold weird angles and teleport to a closer location, helping him guard a spike site easily. As an Attacker, Chamber can lead the team into a site by taking out enemies one shot at a time using the Headhunter ability. It grants him a nifty sidearm with ADS that has a one-shot-kill capacity.

The Tour de Force ability, his Ultimate Ability, on the other hand, grants him a super accurate sniper rifle. Such scope of his abilities crowns the Sentinel Valorant Agent Chamber as one of the Best Valorant Agents for Fracture.

Best Valorant Agents on Fracture - Chamber

2. Breach

Close Quarter Combat is a forte for Breach, the Initiator, who can figuratively shake things up when the need arises.

His abilities kit is designed to deter enemies from holding tough angles so his team can acquire map control. But make no mistake, he can take out the entire team on his own using his blinding Flashpoint.

Players can use his Aftershock ability to disrupt enemies from behind walls as well as prevent spike plants with it. The Swede here plays a vital role in this regard because both A & B sike sites have areas where Aftershock can kill the enemy before they complete their spike plant.

Assisting these abilities are Fault Line and Rolling Thunder, the latter of which is his Ultimate Ability. While the Fault line can concuss and slow enemies in a path, the Rolling Thunder legit shakes the map with a thunderous wave, dismantling KJ turrets and any other Valorant Agent Abilities.

3. Raze

The Loose Cannon that can go off at any point certainly makes the Fracture Best Valorant Agents list, for several reasons.

Firstly, the Paint Shells are a nuisance and a boon for clearing long alleys and closed corners, depending on your role. In such circumstances, either the enemy will back off or die, no other outcomes exist. So, she can prevent site push or occupy map space with shells, sweet, what’s more?

Boom Bot. Yeah no, the explosive roomba can sweep away lurks and site push as well as clear alleys on Fracture Map. Alternatively, it can be used as a guard dog for the A-Main push near the doors.

Beyond the robot, the Blast Packs allow her to metaphorically fly across the Fracture B Spike Site. Using them, she can easily prop herself up to gain Heaven control, which is also possible for Spike Site A, interesting right?

Lastly, the Ultimate Raze Ability Showstopper needs no introduction for Valorant fans. The handy cannon can indeed get loose and take out the entire team in a second or lesser. GG, let’s go next round?

Best Valorant Agents on Fracture - Raze

4. Brimstone

When you have an Anchor, a Loose Cannon, and a Groundshaker, you need support, for which Brimstone Abilities are apt. Brimstone, the Controller can Place Sky Smokes on strategic locations to prevent enemy LOS, thereby preventing allies from being sniped.

Adding to it, his Incendiary Grenade can last just long enough to prevent a spike diffuse, or takedown enemies that dare to enter the smoke. Similarly, it can prevent a site push, allowing allies to relocate to better positions. His Stim Beacon ability can help a Judge Valorant Weapon wielding ally, whose use basically allows quicker fire rate and movement speed.

For the Brimstone Ultimate Ability, Orbital Strike can bring down the wrath from the sky, decimating anyone within its diameter. It’s vast enough to almost envelop the entire spike area on either side, so beware!

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5. Sage | KAYO | Skye

Here’s where the distinctions get furthermore diverse, because the Best Valorant Agents on Fracture need utilities to qualify the list.

The ideal position to support the Valorant Agents above can be filled by either Sage, KAYO or Skye, among others. Here’s why they are worthwhile as the Valorant Fracture Agents pick:


Having a healer in a tactical-FPS game can do wonders for the team. Bonus points when the healer is also a crisp aim fragger. It is one of the reasons why Sage Valorant Agents is one of the top picks, with other reasons being her other abilities.

Sage’s Barrier Orb is handy in securing the acquired Map control. By walling half or more area of a site, she can allow allies to switch their positions to better grounds. The same ability can also be used to limit enemies from approaching or leaving a site.

The Slow Orb can also help to limit enemy movement, which is better utilized at B-Entry or A-Entry area. Other critical advantages offered by her abilities, namely Healing Orb and Resurrection are healing an ally or herself and resurrecting an ally, respectively.

Best Valorant Agents on Fracture - Sage


Playing Valorant without any agent to collect intel on enemy whereabouts is a dangerous practice, which may reward with losses. While the reasons behind not picking Sova are mentioned in the next section, KAYO remedies them all.

The NULL/cmd is the KAYO Ultimate ability, all too essential for suppressing enemy abilities until KAYO survives. A similar effect of the same is also delivered by the ZERO/point blade, which also depicts agents that are suppressed.

Aiding these abilities are his FLASH/drive and FRAG/ment. The former ability unleashes a supremely blinding flash grenade, whereas the latter launches a lethal grenade with three charges. Both these abilities can help acquire map control or retain it by making enemies pause or push away.

Best Valorant Agents on Fracture - Kayo

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Corners and open spike plant areas are aplenty on the Valorant Fracture Map. Therefore, the Skye Ultimate Ability Seekers can help to send three seekers towards the direction of the enemies.

Her Trailblazer ability can help to peek at corners and concuss any enemy hiding there, while the Guiding Light ability can be maneuvered to induce a blinding flask at elevations or otherwise. The Regrowth ability can cement her position as the official healer but it works only in proximity and it cannot heal herself.

6. Killjoy | Viper

Again, based on the Agent you pick from the above three choices, you can alternate between picking Viper or Killjoy. Despite both Valorant agents belonging to different classes – Controller and Sentinel, they can be somewhat interchangeable.


The mind behind the creation of the Valorant Spike (Lore) has just enough utility to make her a formidable opponent on Fracture Map.

Killjoy’s Nanoswarm can remotely detonate to create an HP draining field, useful for preventing spike push, cleaning map area, and preventing spike diffuse. Likewise, her Turret can keep guard on her behalf, making her the second and only ideal replacement as an Anchor.

As her Ultimate Ability, Lockdown can be just the thing you need to delay any plans of enemies as it can detain enemies caught in its radius after the windup ends. The enemies will be significantly slowed and incapable of using their abilities for a limited time. The Alarmbot helps too, for watching over flank or to inconvenience stacked site push.

 Kill Joy


The Controller is known for her Toxic Screen Ability, which creates a wall of toxic gas that can split a map. Besides it, her vial of Snake Bite can reduce enemy HP when they walk over it, which is handy when spreading within the Viper’s Pit, her Ultimate Ability.

Upon entering the Pit, the HP of the enemy will temporarily reduce to 1 point, making them easier to kill from any distance. The pit can also be used to block LOS or prevent a push, which is partially similar to duplicate with her Poison Cloud.

The Cloud works like a lethal smoke orb, reducing HP to 1 temporarily and also blocking LOS. But, three of her abilities rely on her collection of fuel, which is depleted each time either ability is engaged.

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Worst Fracture Valorant Agents Picks

Since it’s understood which Valorant Agents can make the best Valorant Fracture team, let’s see why some others are worse.


The Fracture map has plenty of elevations that aren’t on the same plain, rendering Hunter’s Fury near useless. One may argue Recon Bolts and Shock Bolts can be worthwhile, but the skill ceiling to learning perfect lineups is wasteful. Similarly, the Owl Drone cannot offer more than what the Chamber Rendezvous or KAYO ZERO/point blade can accomplish.



Despite receiving a long required rework, Yoru is not the best pick on Fracture because of his Abilities kit. The Fakeout, Dimensional Drift, Blindside, and Gatecrash are abilities that share similarities with agent abilities mentioned above. Hence, picking the Yoru Duelist can be absolutely a gamble at best!


The historically newest Duelist Valorant agent Neon cannot bring more to the table as the Fracture Valorant Agents pick. She can run but cannot hide in the closed confines of Fracture, while also having to engage enemies.

Therefore, although her abilities, namely Fast Lane and Relay Bolt can help acquire map space, they cannot match the swiftness of Jett. For the same reasons the explosiveness of Neon isn’t well useful either, except for the Ultimate ability Overtime, using which she can shoot you down with finger guns.

Final Words

The Best Valorant Agents stated above define the current Valorant Meta (unofficially) for the Fracture Map. One can gauge the scope of what each of those agents can achieve individually and for the team, by watching the Sentinels vs Version 1 VCT 2022 game. So, try practicing with these Valorant agents and remember to stir things up, GLHF!

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