Why Mac M1 & M2 Users Can’t Play Valorant ?

The Apple Silicon Macs, including the M1 and the highly anticipated M2, have ushered in a new era of computing power and efficiency. These machines have been a game-changer for many tasks, but when it comes to gaming, there’s one notable exception – Valorant. In this article, we’ll delve into why users are unable to […]

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Can you play Valorant on Mac OS ? MacBook – Mac Mini – iMac

Can you play Valorant on Mac M1 or Mac M2 ? Welcome to ValorantPCDownload.com! In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to answer to the question : Can you play Valorant on Mac OS ? On how MacBook, Mac Mini, and iMac users can play Valorant on Mac OS. Developed […]

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Best Controller Valorant Agents & How to Counter Them!

Playing Valorant for the sake of it can be fun, especially with friends that can manage the role of Duelists. But, when your ranked games MMR continues to decline rapidly, turning to Best Controller Valorant Agents can save you. Additionally, learning to counter them can also aid you in bringing your team and Valorant Rank […]

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Win Valorant Spike Rush Matches To Easily Farm Weekly XP!

Valorant players can try various other game modes when they don’t want to commit to the MMR-based Unrated & Competitive matches. The Valorant Spike Rush is one such game mode, followed by Snowball Fight, Deathmatch, Replication, and Escalation. But why should you play Spike Rush more compared to other game modes? Let’s find out! What […]

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Valorant Fracture Map Meta Agents FTW!

Playing different maps in Valorant really adds to the fun, except when you’re assigned ‘Fracture’ in a Spike Rush. Still, the latest Valorant Fracture Map offers plenty of exciting gameplay opportunities in Unrated or Competitive Game Modes. Naturally, the Valorant Meta for Fracture differs vastly from Split or Haven because of narrow areas, long paths, […]

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Valorant Chamber Agent Gameplay Tips

Introducing a new valorant agent always brings changes to the pre-existing Valorant Meta. The same is also true when the devs make changes to the maps or valorant weapons. But, the Valorant Chamber agent is himself a weapon master, according to the Valorant lore. So, what does he bring to the field, and how could […]

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Valorant Breeze Map Defense Tips

At the time of the release of the Valorant Breeze Map, players were skeptical or disapproving of it. However, that has changed over time, especially after the Valorant Patch Notes 4.0 update, making valuable map changes. Let’s see how the Valorant Map Breeze changes benefit the Defenders. Valorant Breeze Map – Is Now Defender Sided? […]

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Best Valorant Gun Vandal vs Phantom!

The debate for the Best Valorant Gun is as old as Valorant. However, to settle it once and for all time isn’t possible as long as the game continues releasing updates. It is because the guns receive buffs or nerf with Valorant patch updates. Therefore, their performance can vary depending on when you’re reading this […]

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Valorant Episode 3: Act 1 – All You Need To Know

Valorant recently celebrated its 1st anniversary on June 2nd, during which time it was recorded to have 16 million active players. These impressive figures are only bound to soar with the onset of the new Valorant Episode 3: Act 1. Valorant Episode 3: Act 1 The new valorant update is bound to contain a new […]

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How to Play Valorant with a Controller on PC?

Riot Game’s latest venture, Valorant is proving to be a huge success, and players and streamers have adopted this game like a fish in the water. The game has seen unprecedented success because of the intense gameplay and enthralling graphics. Despite lacking the option to Play Valorant with a Controller, it has even got the console […]

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