FPS games have long dominated the gaming industry, with several noteworthy titles enjoying massive success over the years. Among such titles stands out two games, one recent and another nearly over a decade older, namely the Valorant (Riot Games) and Counter-Strike (Valve), respectively. So, let’s look into who becomes the victor between a Valorant vs CSGO comparison!

These games have gained massive popularity over time and have loyal gaming communities of their own. But, the scales are seemingly tipping on the side of the newest tactical shooter called Valorant, which welcomes the return of many professional ex-Counter Strike players like Hiko, Skadoodle, TenZ, ScreaM, dapr, and many others.

What constitutes the Valorant game appearing to be better when compared to Counter-Strike, if it’s any better at all? Let’s find out in this Differences guide of two best FPS tactical shooters of their decades.

Valorant vs CSGO – The Better FPS of the Decade?

As you may know, Valorant is made by Riot Games Inc., which is one of the largest game developers in the industry with another popular title called League of Legends in its portfolio of games.

CSGO, on the other hand, is jointly developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment, the former of which is also the developer behind the popular gaming platform called Steam. CSGO is the fourth installment of the Counter-Strike series released in 2000.

Valorant vs CSGO

Valorant vs CSGO are compared mainly because of the following reasons besides offering the stated features within their respective games:

Asymmetric Shooters

Both games offer asymmetric objectives, which plainly refer to two teams battling each other with dissimilar objectives to win.

The Valorant boasts objectives like killing all the enemies from the opponent teams that may be Attackers or Defenders and successfully detonating or defusing the spike.

In contrast, Counter-Strike doesn’t differ much. See, it also requires players to complete similar objectives to win, i.e., defeat all enemy players who may belong to the faction of Terrorists(T) or Counter-Terrorists(CT) to detonate or defuse the bomb successfully.

Picking one game over the other for the win here won’t be ideal unless you consider the key difference offered by Valorant. It allows defusing the spike halfway through and resuming it again, whereas CS GO provides no such benefits.

Guess that’s 10 Points For Valorant? No? Okay, just one.

Valorant vs CSGO: Game Mechanics

Moving on, the game mechanics of each game differ vastly, but on the surface, these games are still somewhat similar.

Players are provided with different spike sites in Valorant, and parallelly CSGO players have bomb sites, each of whose naming terms coincide as A, B, and C.

Note: Not all maps contain a third bombsite/spike site.

Thus, again, Valorant could get another point unless we count the modded CSGO gaming bundles (More on that later), which will deem this category a tie between both. (Rejoice, CSGO Players!)

Valorant vs CSGO: In-Game Agents

Valorant being a unique character agent-based tactical shooter, takes the crown of victory here by offering 16 different and unique playable agents with various respective abilities for use in a 5v5 scenario. It is impressive that the game has succeeded in providing such additions to the game because it was only released with 8 valorant agents initially.

CSGO offers customization options for its respective CT & T faction, making no difference to the actual game, essentially making players rely on their aim and other game mechanics to improve their chances of winning. Moreover, CSGO has seen no significant new updates in years that can affect its gameplay.

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Valorant vs CSGO

Since the newest game here offers more entertainment value over the older gaming title, again, it gets another point for keeping things fresh consistently.

Valorant vs CSGO: In-Game Weapons

Here, both games succeed in offering a variety of weapons, from melee/knives to pistols, SMGs, LRMGs, and Rifles.

Still, CSGO offered significantly more choices for weapons, including the ability to separately buy flash grenades, smoke grenades, decoy grenades, high-explosive (HE) grenades, and Molotov or Incendiary Grenades.

Valorant does offer them, but not in the case where you can purchase them from the buy menu. These grenades are instead caked as abilities of agents like Phoenix, Brimstone, Omen, etc.

Though the buy menu is simpler with Valorant, with the added ability to allow teammates to demand weapons from the buy menu itself, CSGO takes the win here for offering a diverse range of weapons.

P.S. Valorant players? Hold your horses before you ‘Open Up The Sky!’

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Valorant vs CSGO: In-Game Maps

Valorant Players who have moved from the CSGO game understand how maps can be tedious, damning, or fresh. Valorant has a total of 7 maps, three of which have received mixed reviews (Icebox, Fracture & Breeze), with one being absolutely hated by every player, i.e., Split. It is believed that this reaction is because the particular map favors the defender’s side.

However, CSGO seems to take the lead here in terms of map count and also for being the game in the decade whose maps are as popular as the game itself. Furthermore, the mod packs of the game developed by fans, and enthusiastic game developers, add up to increase the count over 100, if not more.

Valorant vs CSGO

Again, CGSO takes the lead, with both games now tied equally after considering several aspects and the differences.

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In-Game Store

CSGO holds the largest in-game store with numerous customizations available for the player, the guns, and other elements. In contrast, the Valorant game store is still newer but not any less exciting.

The Valorant in-game store offers several different items for sale at discount prices, the same as CSGO, and follows suit to provide Gun Skin bundles.

One might argue that guns look pretty fantastic in Valorant, and though that’s true, this category is again tied because of both games varying a win to each their own in sub aspects.

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Now, coming to the Community part in terms of Valorant vs CSGO, surely the Valorant community can’t presently exceed the CSGO community that has aged finely but not perfectly, to say the least, with many reports of cheaters prowling the servers in hopes of smurfing on other players.

Despite this negative, the CSGO community has, in some ways, kept the game alive all these years by releasing self-made mods concerning CSGO skins, guns, maps, and agents. Against this, Valorant does not have such fan-made customizations because the game hasn’t yet been released for LAN gameplay and is only limited to its game client for accessing the game.

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But, the steadily increasing number of Valorant gamers contains both casual gamers and die-hard gamers. Each of whom may bost different professions in their real lives and finding ways to contribute to the gaming community by creating fan art, discussing strategies, participating in polls, and so on.

Factoring both the closely linked communities to each other since before Valorant, a vast majority of users played CSGO. The same players who played CSGO almost incessantly are also now playing Valorant.

There’s no way we’re considering one community better than the other because no offense but: Apes. Together. Strong.

Valorant vs CSGO Takeaway

This post only supports offering differences to the readers because which game is better is ultimately a matter of perspective, choice, and personal preference. The addition of the points system was only to emphasize which aspects of the game differ starkly from the other game, and we only hope that you are now better familiar with the differences between each game.

Happy Gaming!

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