Are you looking for ways to improve your Valorant gameplay performance? A Valorant Tracker can show you what you’re doing wrong and how you can do better. You can also get a valorant tracker free download if you know where to look. So, let us help you get a valorant tracker that provides you with the best help.

Below you will find a round-up of the best valorant tracker ranked according to their features, functions and audiences.

valorant tracker free download

What is Valorant Tracker?

A Valorant tracker is a software or an online service that reads your game data to provide you with statistics of your gameplay performance. It requires using your valorant player username and tagline to generate a performance report.

Valorant game trackers can benefit anyone who wants to understand their gameplay. Any useful and trustworthy valorant game tracker provides the following data as standard:

  • Agents & Map Selection Statistics
  • Weapon Use & Accuracy Data
  • Game Rounds Analysis & Results
  • Current Episode / Season Gameplay Data
  • All-time Gameplay Data

Note: It is common to confuse a valorant game tracker with the valorant aim tracker or the valorant game brackets tracker. However, please know that they are completely different from a valorant game tracker. An aim tracker offers exercises to improve your aim, whereas the brackets tracker offers data about upcoming global valorant esports games.

Why Do People Use Valorant Trackers?

Valorant already provides gameplay analysis at the end of each match, but it lacks additional data that you can find in a valorant tracker. Examples of what you get additionally with a game tracker include data about your aim accuracy percentage, agent selection count and so on.

Another reason to get a valorant tracker free download is that it costs no money while offering free benefits. So for valorant players who cannot afford a coach, using a valorant stats tracker is good for self-analysis. Apart from these reasons, you can also use the valorant tracker to get information about the game statistics of pro eSports gamers.

valorant tracker free download

Best Valorant Trackers Ranked

There are only a handful of good choices between the many tools and services that claim to offer valorant tracking data. Some tools require online access mandatorily, whereas others offer dedicated valorant tracking PC software. Please read on to learn more about each tool.

Note: Please note that getting a valorant tracker free download may not be available for all the mentioned tools. Furthermore, some free valorant game trackers may also contain paid subscriptions to unlock additional features.

1. Overwolf Valorant Tracker

Who’s it for: Beginners & Pros

Valorant Tracker by Overwolf is a widely used tool that offers numerous analysis options and is also easy to use. Still, one must note that purchasing a subscription or paying a one-time fee as an extra can unlock more features.

But a free download still gives you plenty of data analysis of subjects like leg shots, ability and ultimate casts, total victories, defeats, draws, and round results.

valorant tracker free download


Who’s it for: Beginners & Pros

It is one of the oldest and most innovative valorant trackers of all time. provides additional features like mobile app support, complete career game data analysis, and more. Its free version already offers a comprehensive report of player data, but players can also access its premium features for a fee.

For as little as $4 per month or $30 annually, you can get ad-free valorant tracking, create personalised profiles, exclusive in-game rewards and more. You can also track the game performance of other players using this tool, but it requires their profile to be viewable publicly.

valorant tracker free download


Who’s it for: Beginners & Pros

The third valorant tracker is no less than others, with 3+ million daily active users. offers over a thousand guides on Valorant tips and tricks, all baked into its free valorant tracker software.

A running instance of this application doesn’t demand much, but it’s advised not to run it on systems with less than four processor cores. What’s better is that you can get a detailed post-match performance analysis that you can compare with other profiles.

valorant tracker free download

4. Other Valorant Stats Trackers

Who’s it for: Beginners

The remaining valorant stats tracker tools are bundled here because they do not offer anything beyond the general data. For instance, each of the following three valorant tracking services offers nearly identical or inconsistent data.

Using any of the above valorant stats tracker services can provide you with the data you seek, and that’s where their usefulness ends. So, using the top three tools will fare better with their respective additional features.

Final Words

Valorant tracker download might not help you improve your aim, but it can present stats about your aim accuracy. Similarly, other data from valorant game trackers can help you learn where you lack to improve your game performance. Although a valorant game tracker is no replacement for a coach, it can help beginners and pros access important match data.


Is Valorant Tracker allowed?

Valorant Trackers run parallel to the game software and only read the game files in most cases. So technically, since it’s not game tampering, using valorant trackers is allowed but beware of installing malicious game trackers.

Which is the best Valorant Tracker?

Several Valorant Trackers offer free downloads, but the Overwolf tracker also includes additional features like the Valorant Lineups guide. Those who appreciate the extra features can consider it a good pick.

How to get Valorant Tracker Free Download?

Navigate the website of the preferred valorant tracker of your choice to locate it and click on the download button. Please note that some features may require purchasing a subscription or software licence.

Do Pros use Valorant Tracker?

Several Professional eSports Valorant players like TenZ, ScreaM, etc., use Valorant Tracker to obtain and understand their game performance statistics.

Can I get banned for using Valorant Tracker?

It’s unlikely to get banned from a Valorant game for using a Valorant tracker, yet it’s quite possible. Do not install malicious software or a Valorant tracker that may tamper with your game files. Otherwise, you might receive a temporary or permanent ban.

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