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Valorant Smurfs: Combating Pros & Higher Ranks

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Valorant Smurfs have stolen the joy of numerous players who want to enjoy or win a competitive valorant match. It has been an issue that has plagued many Tactical Shooter games, and by now, there’s still no immediate response to fix it.

Despite the ongoing efforts made by the Riot Games developers in making the competitive Valorant a fun to play yet challenging game, the existence of smurfs has been known to bother the group of players belonging to Iron, Bronze, and Silver ranks. Learn how to get valorant silver rank?

What are Valorant Smurfs?

What is smurfing in Valorant? It is a simple act of playing with another account of a lower rank while having a main account with a higher rank to essentially bag more kills and bragging rights.

While this may seem silly or opportunistic, it ends up ruining the game experience for all the other members in both teams. Sure, doing it in unrated mode may be acceptable, considering you want to play with a friend whose rank is lower than yours.

Still, smurfing in valorant makes your friend get elevated to higher ranks without doing much or learning anything new to improve their gameplay. It can lead to them tanking a team with whom they may queue later and becoming dismayed at their poor performance.

Dealing with Valorant Smurfs

While the valorant developers have recalibrated their ranking system and also implemented account leveling to prevent smurf situations, there’s at large no particular solution to dodge such instances.

But, here’s what you can do when you encounter valorant smurfs in any of your valorant matches, especially your high-stakes competitive games:

Making the Best of Your Abilities

Any Valorant agent, however, overpowered or cracked, can still be taken down by effectively using your valorant agent abilities. Most smurfs will only concentrate on bagging kills using their aim, and that’s where you can get to them.

By utilizing the best of your valorant agent abilities, you can confuse even the most honed players, which can help you improve your chances of scoring that essential kill. But don’t make it a habit because smurfs know these tactics already and will quickly catch any repetition.

Being Unpredictable

Here’s why being unpredictable is absolutely necessary: to catch your opponent off guard or to confuse them. Valorant Smurfs will mostly play maverick and rarely support their teams, making them an easy target to bait with your teammates.

Perform double peeks at different elevations if possible, or do instant rotations when you’re sure of the position of the smurf on a spike site that’s waiting for you to walk into their crosshair. Please don’t give them that satisfaction!

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Improvise your Strategy

When your team is getting beaten down pretty quickly and badly, chances are you aren’t holding or pushing a spike site correctly. Organize a plan during the buy round and use the pings that you can place on the map to position each of yourself to combat the smurf team accurately.

If you’ve lost too many players and are in a clutch situation against a smurf and its two basic teammates, find new angles to take on the teammates without engaging with the smurf. Using Sage Barrier Orb, Viper orb, etc., abilities can help you limit the advances of the smurfs while you go for other similarly ranked opponents.

Careful Purchases

Handing Valorant Smurfs an Operator is the quickest way to lose a match. Never make the mistake of dying with an operator in their proximity, or better altogether, don’t buy operators. Not only are they costly, but chances are also that the smurf can shoot it astronomically better than you presently do.

Thus, sticking to standard valorant weapons like phantom or vandal still offers you some silver chance against complete obliteration in the form of losing at 4-13 and so on.

Valorant Smurfs

Engaging the Smurf

Baiting a smurf can be difficult but never impossible. You can try to make the smurf engage with you while your team rotates to another location to plant or defuse the spike.

This way, not only you are presenting your team with a real opportunity to turn the tables on your opponents, but you’re also putting the smurf in a situation where they must choose between getting you or preventing the spike plant/detonation or diffuse.

Winners Don’t Quit

Even when the Valorant Smurfs may be raining on you without remorse, you can still turn things around by playing your regular game and infusing it with newer styles. Have your Phoenix flash assist the Skye Flash or put a double whammy on the enemy team by pairing the Breach Fault Line with the Omen’s Paranoia.

Finding out more about such combinations that can prove to be lethal or make the opponent team pause for several seconds can also help you turn the tide on the enemy team. Go down fighting if necessary or surrender but don’t let a smurf earn you quitting penalties.

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