Valorant players who admit to loving the game also foster some hate towards its ranking system. After the multiple accounts of global valorant players on popular social media platforms like Reddit, stating that the low Elo is quite the hell, it did lead the valorant developers to tweak the ranking system.

However, despite reconfiguring the Elo system for ranked valorant players after the valorant patch 3.02, some players still believe that Valorant low Elo is inescapable, or is it?

What is Valorant Elo?

Valorant Elo

ELO is a type of rating system that implements calculating the skills of valorant players in zero-sum games. It basically translates to scenarios where a winning high-rank player bagging a win makes the lowest-ranked player losing only a few rating points.

The valorant ranking system usually pairs players with the same skill level in queues regardless of the rank variations. For instance, a Valorant Iron 3 player could play against or aside a Bronze 2 player. Similarly, a valorant silver rank player could play with either or against a Bronze 2 player and a Gold 2 player.

Essentially, there exist two types of Elo, lower and higher. The lower will contain players from lower ranks like Iron, Bronze, and Silver Rank in Valorant, whereas higher ranked players will fall in the higher Elo category comprising Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Radiant ranked Valorant players.

While this solves the case for most players complaining that bronze members shouldn’t be paired with ranks higher than silver, the Valorant Silver rank players are in a bind, so to speak, as the competitive match queue will pair them against a gold tier team with bronze players. But, can you escape this?

Silver Rank in Valorant: Tips to Level Up Quicker

Popular valorant esports professionals have discarded the theory that the valorant queuing system makes players get stuck in low Elo by adding that it’s their lack of skill instead, which is neither improving nor falling despite playing tens of games daily.

Valorant Silver Rank

Whether that’s true or not, here’s how you can level up your Silver Rank in Valorant, regardless of any Valorant maps that you might play.

  1. Avoid Solo Queuing

It is often that valorant players find themselves queuing solo and getting paired with team members who are unsupportive or lack communication skills. One sure way to avoid this situation is by queuing in pairs, if not in complete stacks.

Start by sending a friend request to the Valorant Silver Rank Reyna from the opposite team, and with your Jett, queue together as silver rank valorant players. Usually, by doing this, you can accumulate plenty of good valorant players in your friend list who might be willing to queue together.

Everyone in Valorant knows, queuing in pairs with different ranked valorant agents is still better than queuing alone.

  1. Effectively Utilize Recon Abilities

It is a crucial aspect of valorant that agents should learn to implement in their gameplay regardless of their valorant ranks. Whether you’re pushing a spike site, holding one, or rotating to re-take one, always use your abilities to carry out surveillance. If you don’t have such abilities, have your teammates do it.

By gaining even the slightest knowledge of an opponent’s presence on a site location, you can quickly strategize how to kill them without entering a clutch situation. You can use the recon abilities of Sova, Cypher, Omen, Skye, KAY/O, and Yoru to determine the position of your enemies.

  1. Careful Peeks!

Any player possessing a Silver Rank in Valorant who’s worth their aim knows that you should always clear your corners before entering or leaving a site. It also factors into being careful while peeking around a corner.

Usually, Valorant high Elo players have almost a muscle memory of keeping their crosshairs at the appropriate positions to get them one-tap headshots. Even if the opposing team doesn’t have enough to buy the Operator, one-taps from guns like Sheriff, Vandal, and Guardian to the head are enough to lay waste to your HP.

Hence, always use abilities like smokes or flashes to peek corners or try to learn faking a peek if you haven’t already. It not only throws off the sniper and one-tap aimers, but it also helps you gauge where the enemy is positioned.

  1. Practice Aiming

How do you define practice? Is it merely shooting heads in Deathmatches or learning to interact with the different valorant maps creatively? Most valorant coaches and pro players say that deathmatch is worse for practicing, and it’s for one simple reason: you already know an enemy is about to turn up to your nearest corner.

In competitive matches, it isn’t so, which is why it is essential to practice the lay of the land to become capable of enacting dramatic plays that can astonish your opponents.

Go a step further by practicing your aiming skills, lowering your mouse sensitivity, and adjusting your DPI settings and crosshair dimensions.

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  1. Think on Your Feet

Pushing or peeking a corner where you’re sure to get shot by an operator should be avoided 99% of the time, especially when you’re feeling overconfident. Similarly, pushing the same site wherein you already lost three teammates in the process is a stark call for rotation or repositioning yourself.

Such instances require unpredictability to bag the match and the famous valorant ace and clutch situations. Do so by being innovative and by knowing which battles to pick and when to pick them.

  1. Learn From Deaths

That time when you got shot in the head for five rounds in a row by making the same peek at the same corner, in the same way, should teach you something, or you better learn to become comfortable with your Valorant Silver Rank.

Valorant Silver Rank

If you often die by headshots, practice strafing, and counter strafing. Furthermore, practicing run & gun shooting techniques can also save you. But never as much as fully committing to shooting at your enemy by standing still.

You can also crouch in close quarters, as it’s least expected in the heat of the battle.

  1. Don’t get in a Slump!

Winning and losing is part of the game. Sure, rage quitting and table flipping might feel relieving. But, by being calm and attentive in a situation where you’re losing round after round, you can utilize a fleeting window to bag a crucial kill that can eventually end up with your team winning the match.

Okay, if you’re not the one to rely on to make-believe, then you must know that continuously playing competitive matches after losing several in a row will only decrease your rank further. Thus, take a step back and take a walk, or switch up by playing a few unrated valorant matches. Just don’t let a lousy round make you lose all your delight for the game altogether.

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