Valorant has been divvying up the gaming market with its Tactical Shooter game mechanics. It’s bringing a form of polarity among the FPS gaming community that has been previously charmed with Battle Royale titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, Fortnite, Battlefield 5, and so on. The growing player base is now demanding Valorant on Xbox!

But, Riot Games Inc. has kept the game exclusive to the Windows platform since its initial launch back in June 2020. Want to play on mac? Read valorant on Mac!

While the reviews and gaming activity of Valorant have gathered positive feedback and attention from players around the world, console gamers are excited for the game to launch on PS & Xbox consoles, but will it?

Play Valorant on Xbox

Xbox players wanting to play valorant on Xbox have waited far too long to receive any news regarding the game launching across the platform, which caters to millions of gamers.

Microsoft implemented the impressive Xbox game pass system to keep the Xbox players invested in console gaming. It is only set to reward both them and the players better after the launch of the Xbox S and Xbox X series of consoles, which are unfortunately still essentially less distributed than usual due to the pandemic of 2020.

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Valorant on Xbox

However, there’s no Valorant Xbox news regarding the game’s release anytime soon except for a particular interview. It was with one of the executive producers of Riot Games who stated that Valorant is prototyping the game for console gaming, but it was from the past year without any new developments.

The interview further added to our knowledge that Riot Games isn’t actively looking to bring the game to consoles until they can match that experience with what’s offered on Valorant PC gaming.

Valorant on Xbox S & Xbox X Series

Regardless of that interview, it was also revealed that running valorant on 120 fps is an achievable goal considering the newer Xbox series of consoles are perfectly equipped to meet such demands consistently.

While the distribution of the newer Xbox consoles might take another year, fans are still hopeful regarding the valorant Xbox release seeing the popularity and fame enjoyed by Valorant global eSports tournaments in the form of Valorant Summer Championship and Valorant Champions Tour.

The developers of Valorant are keen on offering a similar experience of the game across all devices, which also reportedly includes releases on mobile device platforms such as iOS and Android, which are expected to arrive by the end of 2022. Still, this is just another rumor, so take it no more as a fact.

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The Takeaway

Despite the lack of any Valorant Xbox news of substance in the market, you can only hope that Riot Games Inc. will find ways to enter the console market after witnessing the game’s massive success.

Be sure to check out this space for receiving all Valorant Xbox and PS news updates and the latest Valorant Patch notes to stay updated with the developments. Until then, probably find a system capable of running Valorant and have fun fragging! GLHF!

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