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Valorant on Xbox x or Xbox S in 2024 ?

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Is Valorant Coming to Xbox? Potential Release Dates Explored

Potential Expansion to Consoles

Console Releases in Consideration

Let’s talk about Valorant on Xbox today, has witnessed a significant surge in its fanbase and community. As its popularity soars, console players are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to join the Valorant community and dive into the thrilling action. With other successful shooters like Overwatch and Apex Legends making their way to consoles, players wonder if Valorant will follow suit.

Riot Games’ Commitment to Development

Console Development and 120Hz Goal

Riot Games is renowned for its continuous growth and dedication to game development. The company’s recent expansion into mobile gaming and frequent updates across all titles, including League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics, have been evident of their commitment.

Valorant on xbox 2023 ?

Regarding the possibility of Valorant’s expansion to consoles, there are encouraging signs. During Q&A sessions, Riot developers have expressed their intentions to explore console releases. Trevor Romleski, Valorant’s lead designer, confirmed Riot’s openness to exploring new platforms during the PC’s closed beta. Felipe Romero, Riot’s principal engineer, has also mentioned that achieving 120Hz on next-gen consoles is an attainable goal, adding to the excitement for a console release.

The Uncertain Path to Xbox

No Official Release Date for Xbox

Despite these promising developments, an official release date for Valorant on Xbox remains undisclosed. While the game is available on Game Pass for PC, there has been no confirmation of an Xbox release.

In a past interview, Executive Producer Anna Donlon revealed that they were working on prototyping a Valorant console port, but they highlighted the challenges in translating the game’s experience to consoles.

Hope Amid Uncertainty

Job Postings Sparking Enthusiasm

Fans’ hopes for Valorant’s expansion to other platforms were reignited when Riot Games opened a job listing for a Senior Game Designer, indicating the potential development of console versions. However, even with these positive developments, it is improbable that the release will happen in 2023.

A glimmer of hope surfaced with recent job postings on Hitmaker, confirming Riot Games’ dedication to bringing Valorant to consoles. Yet, considering the current timeline of job postings (November 2022), players might have to wait a while longer before the game officially arrives on consoles.

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