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Valorant on Steam – Know Release Date and Other Things

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Valorant offers a 5v5 tactical shooter gameplay experience where the ten participating players divided into two teams have asymmetrical objectives to win the game. It is agent-based with more than 16 unique valorant agents currently populating its roster and is available from the official website via login/sign-up methods.

But is it available on Steam? Let’s see.

Valorant Release on Exclusive Gaming Platforms & Marketplace

Steam is more than a decade old but a massive gaming platform/marketplace with impressive giant gaming titles like GTA, CounterStrike, Call of Duty, etc. Users can purchase these games using this platform, which also offers numerous other free-to-play games while being the main hub for acquiring famous game titles.

The Steam platform also provides statistics about its users who play the respective games available on it regarding the player achievements, hours played, etc. However, despite being the go-to platform for 70% of the world’s gamers to acquire games, Steam does not retail Valorant.

It is mainly because the game is free to play and is not made available on LAN, unlike its competitive game title called Counter-Strike. The latter title is made by Valve that enjoys a massive player base of the game to date, with millions of global gamers playing the game several times every month, if not daily.

Valorant Release on Steam

Valorant on Steam

Riot Games Inc., the developer behind Valorant, has released no information regarding its release on Steam. Although Valorant is announced to drop on handheld devices, no official release date has been marked for it except the rumored information that the game will be released with four agents initially.

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It is not different from Valorant’s PC release back in June 2020, when only eight valorant agents were available, which over the year, grew up to 16 valorant agents with more on the way. The game has also introduced two new maps to date after the game’s release.

Valorant Release on Other Gaming Platforms

The console market is also devoid of any news regarding the release of Valorant on their respective platforms, making the game presently exclusive to PC users and available only through its official page.

Valorant eSports Scenario

Valorant is currently being played and enjoyed as a global eSports title, with its Master event slated to be held during the end of November in Los Angeles, according to the rumors. The key aspect that keeps the game from releasing on other platforms is Riot’s Vanguard technology that prevents cheating within the game by protecting the game files with root user permissions.

Players who have tampered with the game data or made use of other software parallelly with the game have observably been banned from the game indefinitely. It is one of the reasons why many ex-CounterStrike pros and other FPS gamers have moved to play Valorant more as it does not play lightly with cheaters and game abusers.

Final Words

The Valorant developers are notorious for announcing exciting news on its official Twitter platform without releasing definitive leaks about valorant agents, valorant maps, and valorant features. Still, seeing the existing featurette available with Valorant, it’s hard to predict if the game will launch on other platforms or LAN, if at all.

However, watch this space to learn more about Valorant updates and Valorant releases on Steam, PS, Xbox, and other platforms.

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