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Valorant New Patch 3.07 Notes+ ‘RGX 11Z Pro’ Gun Bundle!

by Valo

Valorant developers are passionate about improving the gameplay experience for its vast player base comprising millions of regular valorant players. It averages over 84 million monthly watch hours on popular game streaming platforms with over a quarter-million viewers per day. Hence, in sync with its game improvement cycle, valorant new patch 3.07 is out on 5th October 2021.

Valorant New Patch 3.07

Early adopters of Valorant were thrilled to receive eight unlocked valorant agents and three maps for a 5v5 gameplay.

Since then, the game has progressed continuously by providing new updates, including new maps and valorant agents. Still, the 5v5 tactical FPS gameplay is largely unchanged despite introducing newer game modes like Deathmatch, SnowBall Fight, etc.

3.07 PatchNotes

The current ongoing Episode 3 Act 2 of Valorant will soon complete in less than a month. Yet, players are already receiving the Valorant new patch 3.07! The previous patch contained numerous nerfs, so what’s different this time? Let’s find out!

Valorant Game Client Update

The new Valorant patch also contains a new Valorant game client boasting a more modern GUI with additional features. The update helps to unify the available Riot Games on a user’s system. Players can now access different Riot Games via a single Riot Games client.

  • Access Valorant Game Updates Directly from Valorant Landing Page.
  • My Games section unites and depicts all Riot Inc Games present on the system.
  • It features all available Riot Games that users can download.
  • Special Events section displays novels and latest events across Riot Games.

Valorant Patch Notes 3.07 Highlights

The new valorant patch 3.07 only contains some in-game social updates and bug fixes compared to the previous patch. The highlight of the new valorant patch is an update to the Deathmatch Mode in Valorant, along with a few adjustments to Viper’s ability. It concerns their effect on ‘high flying’ valorant agents.

Patch note 1

The changes are contrary to fans’ expectations regarding Yoru’s gameplay improvements, but developers promise to address them soon. Moreover, the upcoming Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 should present significant updates, including a new valorant agent – Deadeye!

Valorant Patch Notes 3.07:

Agent Updates

  • Viper
    • Valorant agents passing through the highest area of Viper Wall will now instantly receive appropriate decay.
    • The dissolving effect by the end of Viper’s Smoke receives better visuals as seen outside to prevent peeker’s advantage.
  • Jett
    • The Blade Storm kunai now recharges after killing defuse practice bots or training dummies in Practice Mode.

Social Updates

  • Deathmatch mode penalty removed for early quitting the game round.
    • Earning XP from Deathmatch still needs full game participation.

Performance & System Updates

  • Introduction to New Beta feature ‘Raw Input Buffer’
    • The game already possesses it since launch, but update allows it to adjust APIs that handle it.
    • Provides minor performance improvements, especially for 8000hz polling rate mice, which are now supported flawlessly.
  • Numerous Fixes to common causes that are responsible for spontaneous game crashes as per player reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Applied a fix to the text cursor within the ‘Report A Player’ menu. It previously moved to the rightmost side while editing text.
  • Fixed Team Ace reward being offered to a team regardless of when they haven’t qualified for it. (Developers still respect the efforts and the teamwork!)

Many valorant players will appreciate the changes to the Deathmatch game mode, which no longer bans them from queuing. Previously, many valorant players received time-ban penalties for quitting the Deathmatch game mode in an untimely manner.

Patch Note 2

The Valorant new patch 3.07 changes should help players who practice in Deathmatch mode before starting Valorant competitive games.

Valorant New Gun Bundle – RGX 11Z Pro!

Besides the Valorant New Patch 3.07, the game now features a new gun bundle called RGX 11Z Pro! Valorant players already enjoy the release of new Gun Bundles with innovative designs, and the latest Bundle doesn’t disappoint.

New Skin Bundle

The RGX 11Z Pro bundle offers refreshing skins to familiar valorant guns, albeit with some exciting changes. Players can expect futuristic glowing textures with VFX & animations and the addition of a special feature already found in other FPS games – kill tracker.

The Bundle costs 8700 VP, and individual prices of the guns are listed below.

RGX 11Z Pro Guns

  • Katana/Melee – 3550 VP
  • Frenzy – 1775 VP
  • Stinger – 1775 VP
  • Guardian – 1775 VP
  • Vandal – 1775 VP

RGX 11Z Pro Bundle Unique Features

The Guns & Melee possess 5 Upgrade Levels (Other bundles had a maximum of 4)

Exchange Radianite Points for Color Variants

  • Red – 15 Radianite Points
  • Yellow – 15 Radianite Points
  • Blue – 15 Radianite Points
  • Green – 15 Radianite Points

Get Kill Tracker

  • View the kills scored from the respective valorant gun equipping RGX 11Z Pro skin.
  • The kill tracker doesn’t offer lifetime kill tracking.

Guns change the color of the lights when players use the Inspect button.

VCT Last Chance Qualifiers

Valorant eSports tournament fans have plenty to look forward to in October and November before the Annual Valorant Champions Tournament, hosted in Berlin in December 2021.

Fans will observe the VCT Last Chance Qualifiers tournament between 10th October to 18th October. Winners of each VCT LC Tournament Series from the EMEA, NA, LATAM & SEA regions will join the 12 qualified teams.

Meanwhile, in November, Valorant players can expect to see the launch of Episode 3 Act 3. It is rumored to bundle new gun skins, battlepass, game updates, and a new valorant agent. So watch this space for more information! GLHF!

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