Valorant is an FPS tactical agent-based shooter and it appears like it’s here to stay for a long time. Arriving in the times of Battle Royale games, Valorant has given a new life to the Tactical FPS shooter genre and how! To aim better at learning Valorant Movement tactics, the players want it all to improve their skills.

The primary reasons for going to such great lengths can be either to escape the Low ELO Hell or reach Valorant Radiant Rank.

Why Should You Master Valorant Movement Tactics?

Performing steadfast movement can improve your chances of scoring a kill or arriving quicker or securely at the spike site. Whether you’re an Attacker or Defender, especially when you’re not a duelist, your movement remains pretty basic. Although in rare situations such movement works in your favor, it’s not enough to improve your rank.

There are two more significant reasons why you should pay attention to the movements you make in your Valorant games.

1. Dodging Bullets

When your aim isn’t perfect, the only way to avoid getting shot early is by learning to Dodge the Bullets of Enemies. Yes, even the one-tap Valdal bullet can be dodged with correct Valorant Movement irrespective of whether you’re attacking or defending. But, you’ll need to practice it until it becomes muscle memory.

2. Baiting Enemies

The second way by which you can ascertain your Valorant KD Ratio improves is by baiting enemies for kills. Sure you can bait with weapons or abilities, but you can save both when you learn to do it with your valorant agent movement. Yes, any Valorant agent is capable of baiting enemies with just their movement, no cap!

Baiting Opponents

Top Valorant Movement Tactics of Radiant Valorant Players!

Becoming a Radiant Valorant Player requires focus, adaptability, and critical implementation of the basics, day in day out. The top frags you notice in pro-Valorant eSports games can come easy after mastering your Valorant Aim and Movement.

So, here’s a list of the basic Valorant movements you should know, no matter your Valorant Rank!

1. Bunny Hop in Valorant

Performing a Bunny Hop Valorant movement is simple and it can be quite evasive in critical situations. For instance, it can benefit immensely in pistol rounds when you want to prevent death by headshot.

At other times, doing bunny hop can also save you in situations when you and your enemy are both reloading your weapons. Lastly, it can also be useful when you’re preventing getting caught in abilities like nano swarm or brimstone molly.

Bunny Hop Valorant Movement


  • Press Jump Key + Direction Key (A) or (D)
  • Hover Your Mouse in the direction of your desired location while in Air.
  • After landing on the ground, perform a similar jump in the opposite direction.
  • For simple Bunny Hopping, replace Direction Keys with the Forward Movement (W) key.

2. Jiggle Peek / Fake Peek in Valorant

The Jiggle Peek Valorant Movement is perhaps the most rewarding tactic yet it is difficult to master right away. Also known as the Fake Peek Valorant tactic, it can help you puzzle or frustrate Valorant Operator and Marshal wielding snipers.

Its key benefits come into play when you’re holding the Mid-Area of a map or the A / B Entry area. These locations are usually where snipers are positioned, prepared with their aim for a window of opportunity. By performing fake peeks, you can gather intel or waste their shot and then swing on them if you’re quick!

At the same time, jiggle peeking repeatedly becomes predictable, which can get you shot equally easily!

Jiggle Peek Valorant Movement


  • Walk up to a corner (Don’t run) and get closer to the wall.
  • Aim towards the direction you want to fake the peek.
  • Press (A) or (D) while initiating a run and immediately press the opposite key (A) or (D).
  • Do it multiple times to enact a jiggle peek.
  • Combine the steps for a Jump Peek by pressing Jump Key after initiating the run.
    • (A) or (D) > Run > Jump > (A) or (D)

Remember, you must provide the minimum hitbox to the enemy or you’d still get shot in your fake peek act.

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3. Shoulder Peek in Valorant

Implementing the Shoulder Peek Valorant tactic is most useful when you know your enemy has one or few shots remaining in their weapon. By only revealing the smallest hitbox of your shoulder, you can bait them into firing at you.

Such peeks help to bait snipers or enemies with poor trigger discipline that may be lurking around the corner. It’s also useful for gathering information about the enemy’s location. By hearing them fire at you, you can be assured at least one enemy is peeking the angle near you.

Shoulder Peek Valorant Movement


  • Get closer to the wall as much as you can.
  • Press (A) or (D) key by the bare minimum for making the smallest movement.
  • Immediately press the opposite direction key (A) or (D) and hold your position.
  • Repeat it infrequently to prevent predictability.

Remember, the aim is not to gather intel by viewing across the wall but to bait the enemy into firing at you. Simultaneously, be aware of getting wall bang shots coming your way.

4. Wide Peek in Valorant

It is one of the most controversial Valorant Movement tactics among the game smarts that can win or lose you a clutch round. The act of wide peeking involves approaching an angle with more room than you would normally allow yourself.

For instance, it is synonymous with going the proverbial extra mile than staying at the nearest position that can allow you a tighter angle. Performing a wide peek also allows you the benefit of Peekers advantage – surprise your opponent.

Wide Peek Valorant Movement


  • Take a few more steps to arch or get farther than your enemy when approaching them.
    • (Doing so increases their reaction time and makes them readjust their crosshair.)

5. Strafing in Valorant

The oldest trick in the history of tactical FPS shooters is strafing, which translates to not keeping yourself steady. It requires you to stay mobile by moving in slight margins to avoid taking a headshot.

Performing strafing combined with shooting is called strafe shooting. It allows you to move and let your weapon recoil reset simultaneously before firing it again.



  • Make the slightest of movements using the (A) and (D) keys subsequently in a repeated manner.

Remove predictability from your strafing by going unequal distances between pressing the (A) and (D) keys.

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The Takeaway

All the Valorant Movement tactics mentioned above are useful for every tactical FPS shooter and have emerged from CSGO. Therefore any ex-CSGO player that you may encounter in your Valorant matches can be recognized by these movements. Usually, such movements are common for players in the Valorant Gold Rank ELO hell, so beware! Happy Gaming!

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