Valorant Mobile Release Date : Riot Games Inc. has created a fantastic First Person Tactical Shooter(FPS) in the form of Valorant, which has been climbing the charts ever since its launch. The free-to-play Valorant has already been a hit among the global gaming community, and it’s taken the esports world by storm.

Seeing the game’s success, it’s only natural that Riot Games Inc. would like to expand this to capitalize on the audience that uses their mobile devices to game. Although the game will likely be free-to-play on mobile devices, the gaming fans expect the classic shooter to offer similar in-game features and abilities. But will they ?

Here’s what is known so far regarding the Valorant Mobile launch date and other news related to the launch of Valorant across mobile device platforms.

Update : Valorant for Android & iOS – Free Download

Valorant Mobile: Is it Happening?

The rumor market is largely unaware regarding the official launch of the Valorant mobile version, and your guess is as good as ours. But, despite this lack of information, we do know a few things regarding the release of the Valorant Mobile Game.

Yes, the game is surely expected to arrive for download and play on mobile devices. The Valorant developers recently acknowledged that the mobile version of the game is indeed in development.

The developers also mentioned that they’d like to create a similar world of Valorant for mobile platforms. Doing so will enable them to provide more players across the globe with the refreshingly exciting gameplay offered by the PC variant of the game.

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Valorant Mobile Gameplay: What’s Different?

Creating a similar Valorant world akin to the PC version of the game on mobile devices is indeed a challenging task. Still, the developers confirmed that they would put efforts into making the mobile version of the Valorant offer similar gameplay across most if not all of the handheld devices.

Valorant Mobile Release

A year ago, the game’s initial release on the PC platform offered almost half of the Valorant Agents and Maps compared to the sixteen unique agents and six maps available presently. Thus, expecting the mobile Valorant game to provide the whole razzle-dazzle right away will be not logical.

Still, the emphasis will remain on delivering a near-identical core gameplay experience with a handful of agents available at the launch time. Yet, which agents will make it into the list is another mystery for now.

Another crucial thing to note will be that replicating the exact Valorant environment to the mobile devices will not be possible for reasons like lack of dedicated controllers. However,  the valorant mobile version should follow suit how Riot Games Inc. brought League of Legends to the mobile platform. Initially, the latter game offered a few agents and gradually added the agents and features over time.

Valorant Mobile Release Date

As of now, the valorant competitive esports scene is not dying out anytime soon, and seeing the popularity obtained by mobile game titles like COD: Mobile and PUBG Mobile, the Valorant mobile version is expected (not confirmed) to breach the market soon in some time by the end of the year 2022 with featuring its already famed agents like Jett, Raze, Sage, Phoenix, Sage and so on for its mobile version.

Until the official Valorant mobile game launch, we advise you to keep an eye out on the news and updates we offer to stay updated with the latest valorant news and events. Watch this space for more information on Valorant for mobile and PC platforms.

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