Any tactical shooter is incomplete without a multi-feature minimap that assists you with getting around to the different areas on a map. In FPS games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Valorant, etc., underestimating the importance of a minimap is not a mistake you should make, despite being a pro-player who’s familiar with the different map regions. So, we bring you the best Valorant Minimap Settings!

There are several reasons why minimap is vital to a game, especially for Valorant Game. Being a character-based tactical shooter where each player plays as a Valorant agent with special and unique abilities, the minimap does more than present the names of the different regions.

Let’s understand the Valorant Minimap Legends before proceeding to learn the best valorant minimap settings.

Valorant Minimap Legends

The HUD screen of your character may differ in some aspects depending on the type of valorant agent you choose to play. Still, a few key things will remain the same, like the Player Kill Feed, Damage Report, Weapon HUD, and your Minimap.

Valorant Minimap

Your Minimap is displayed on the upper left side of your valorant in-game screen. It will present you with a host of information about the round, like your location, teammates’ location, enemy valorant agent’s location, and particular abilities being used momentarily.

The depiction of all such information in the form of legends in your minimap is as follows:

Region Names

Depending on the valorant map you might be playing like Breeze, Ascend, Bind, Split, etc., your map will inevitably display you the location and way path to the spike site, i.e., A, B or C. It will be depicted in bold letters on your minimap, and you can choose to hide it if you desire.

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Player Location

It is a no-brainer for any tactical shooter as it helps the players recognize where they are positioned on a map for the given moment. Using this, you can identify your location and check the location of your valorant teammates, which for everyone is always illustrated as the valorant agent icon.

Additionally, you could also sometimes spot enemies on your minimap in the form of the respective valorant agent icon or ? after they are spotted by any one or more of your teammates on that particular location. However, you should only take this information with a pinch of salt or a general idea because valorant map rotation is a fundamental concept that best players implement in each round.

However, do not confuse map rotation with anything else like minimap rotation because the former translates to changing your position on the map. In contrast, the latter indicates the rotating quality of your minimap.

Visual Cone

It is one of the most valuable elements on your minimap as it presents to you the visible scope of perspective of your valorant agent. Such a feature is handy for when you use valorant agents like Jett, Sova, Raze, Cypher, etc., for One-tapping with the Operator or using special valorant abilities like Sova Dart, Raze BoomBot, Cypher Cam, etc.

In addition, the visual cone can help you identify any corners that you cannot peek at or aren’t actively looking at in instances where a Sage Wall is blocking your sight or in-game smoke by Astra, Omen, Brimstone, etc. is blocking your line of sight.

You can turn it off but keeping it on will not clutter your minimap, nor will it distract you.

Region Location Pings

Your minimap cannot present you with this information by default because it is visible only when you or your teammate define it using the respective keybind.

Your entire team can view these location markers and place them anywhere on the map during the game to better assist your team in performing specific actions or signify the last known presence of the enemy valorant players.

Valorant Minimap Settings to Improve K/D Ratio

You should now be familiar with the different Valorant Map Legends, so let us take a look into the Pro Valorant Minimap Settings that you can use to promote your chances of ranking higher easily.

Minimap Size

Pick your Valorant minimap size appropriately so that it can offer you information at a glance without hindering your complete line of sight.

The ideal valorant minimap size for Radiant and Pro Valorant players is between 1.0 to 1.2. Still, you can try these sizes for yourself if they work for you, or you can always switch to another figure that offers you better information.

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Minimap Zoom

It offers you the ability to focus on a specific location in your map based on your position or on the player you are spectating. Players who don’t want to view all areas of the map at once can use it to a higher setting to improve their chances of quickly gaining the information they need.

The ideal valorant minimap zoom settings for the Pro and Radiant Rank Valorant players are between 0.6 to 0.9, depending on their comfort level.

Note: If you use a smaller minimap size but use the minimap zoom to a higher preset, it can offer you some advantage on smaller valorant maps.

Minimap Rotation

It is a feature of the minimap that makes it rotate based on the movement of your valorant agent. The minimap will rotate in both directions depending on the movement and visual area chosen to be seen by the valorant agent.

Some valorant players find it distracting, while for others, it serves to help them in one way or another. So, you can either keep it ‘off’ or keep it ‘on.’

Note: Enabling the Valorant Minimap Rotation works best when the ‘Keep Player Centered’ option is also on.

Minimap Visual Cone

We will advise you to keep this minimap feature on at all times because it can come in handy when making valorant strategy plays while using unique agent abilities.

Minimap Region Names

Keeping the minimap region names on for all time will help you call out region names on comms during mid-combat, before, or after it.

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