Your Valorant HUD Console serves to offer you vital information about your game. It shows information regarding your weapon, available abilities, and kill feed besides depicting Valorant Game progression and Agent Status. Additionally, the HUD also displays a Small Map to the top left corner based on your Valorant Minimap Settings.

It is possible to hide a Valorant Minimap, but doing so can put you at a disadvantage, except when you’re streaming the game live.

“While broadcasting your valorant gameplay to a streaming platform like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, hiding it can save you from stream-snipers.”

To understand why, let’s see how important its usefulness can be in a Valorant match.

Valorant Minimap Settings

Valorant Minimap Settings: Importance & Uses

The Importance of a Valorant Minimap is primarily to provide you with an overview of the map you’re playing. But, besides getting a visual overview of the map, having it helps in learning more than region location information. For instance, you can observe the minimap to learn about the exit and entry points that may be difficult to spot in plain sight.

Moreover, it also presents typical uses and then some more across the different valorant maps like Icebox, Haven, Ascent, etc.

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Valorant Minimap Settings Uses

  • Obtain real-time feedback on the whereabouts of allies.
  • Gain knowledge about the last-known location of enemies.
  • Learn about the death location of an ally. (Helps when reviving them or getting their guns)
  • Know the location of objects/elements in an area or spike site.
  • Check the location of the Spike. (Only for Attackers)
  • Check the use of Agent Abilities. (Barrier Orb, Smoke, Recon Dart, Viper Wall, etc.)
  • Learning about the marked locations via Pings initiated by allies.

Valorant Minimap Settings: Understanding Minimap Legends

The valorant developers have made a pretty intuitive minimap that allows players to understand the game round easily. Still, it’s helpful to learn valorant minimap legends, especially when you’re aiming to become a pro valorant player.

Note: While it’s not possible to change the shape of the Valorant Minimap, you can disable a few Valorant Minimap legends.

Player Location

It depicts the position of the main player, i.e., you, along with the location of your allies. The information is presented in the form of valorant agent icons based on the agent picked by the player. Also, an ally’s death location will be marked via an X on the minimap in a game round.

Furthermore, the minimap player location legend also depicts the last known location of an enemy via a ? symbol. Alternatively, during combat, the minimap will represent the location of the enemy via their valorant agent icon.

Region Names

Since Tactical FPS games usually have callouts, so does Valorant. Callouts are Region Names that can help identify a particular site at a specific location. Region names will often include labels like B-Link, A Site, B Site, A-Main, etc.

A valorant player can choose to turn them off when they use custom map callouts, but having them helps when pinging enemy locations on the minimap.

Visual Cone

A visual cone serves to represent the Line Of Sight of the primary player on the minimap. Its function is based on the presence of a sphere-shaped small icon at the center of the minimap. As the sphere-shaped icon with a pointed edge changes its aiming direction, the visual cone will offer feedback on the current line of sight of the player.

Similarly, The Visual Cone will have the same behavior you’re spectating an ally. It will represent their Line of Sight to highlight the locations that are visible to the player.

Player Pings

These are markers that a player can put on the map which appear in the shape of diamonds. When a live player pings a location around them via MB3 or equivalent, it will also be featured on the minimap. A dead ally can also ping an area, and the minimap will present their ping similarly.

Agent Abilities

Get feedback on the validity of the valorant agent ability on the minimap. For instance, when playing the Icebox valorant map and Sage has placed a Barrier Orb, you will see its construction in the minimap. Similarly, you can see Brimstone Smokes, Recon Darts, etc., on the minimap as long as they exist on the map.

Valorant Minimap Settings for Ascent

Ascent is one of the first maps in Valorant, and it is said the game is built around it. The map also served as a specimen for creating subsequent maps, including the latest Valorant Fracture Map. While the Ascent Valorant trivia is near endless, here’s what you should keep as your Ascent Minimap Settings:

Valorant Minimap Settings

Ascent Minimap Settings

RotationRotate/Based on Site
Keep Player CenteredOff
Minimap Size1.018
Minimap Zoom1
Minimap Vision ConesOn
Show Map Region NamesAlways

Tips to Remember

  • Minimap Size should clearly represent the site names at the least.
  • Minimap Zoom level should be less enough to portray A site areas from A Main to A Rafters.
  • Minimap Rotation set to On can help when you’re dueling in the Mid Courtyard area.
  • Minimap Visual Cone set to On can help when sniping from Mid Cubby to Mid Link area or vice versa.
  • Minimap Region Names can sometimes conceal some areas or right angles on the minimap.
  • Viewing Mid Market from the Mid Bottom area can help as an Attacker when your team pushes B Main.

Valorant Minimap Settings for Haven

Haven can be a tricky map to play, considering it has three spike sites. While most pro valorant players avoid pushing the B Site, owning it can work to your advantage. Still, while it’s difficult to defend, it’s possible all the same for other spike sites, too, when you have enabled the correct Haven Minimap Settings.

Valorant Minimap Settings

Haven Minimap Settings

RotationRotate/Based on Site
Keep Player CenteredOff
Minimap Size0.98
Minimap Zoom0.99
Minimap Vision ConesOn
Show Map Region NamesAlways

Tips to Remember

  • Having a smaller Minimap Size helps to gain information at a glance.
  • A greater Minimap Zoom will prevent you from getting the whole map’s overview.
  • Enabling Minimap Rotation allows the map to move according to your aim in real-time.
  • Keeping Minimap Visual Cone on help when using valorant agent abilities or using Operator.
  • Keeping the Minimap Region Names on can help quicker team communication.
  • A smaller Minimap with unreadable region names is not ideal for everyone < Gold rank.
  • Ascent Minimap zoom level should be enough to show both Garage & C Site simultaneously.

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The Round-Up

There are numerous other Valorant Minimap Settings tips that you can use to your advantage. The best way of identifying them is by questioning your minimap needs when playing a valorant game. (try in valorant unrated game mode) After enough research, you can use your own settings that are suitable for your Valorant gameplay. However, remember that all maps differ in size. Happy Gaming!

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