Rank Progression in Valorant can be an uphill task if you’re usually queuing solo in ranked games. Because of the varying types of players that may form a team at random, who may sometimes have issues related to aim, use of comms, movement, etc., which can collectively result in losing rounds and therefore matches.

While there are a few workarounds to turn such scenarios into victories, you must know that they might not work in all situations and won’t allow identical effects within each round. Still, here are a few ways by which you can increase your valorant K/D ratio.

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Tips to Increase Your Valorant K/D Ratio

There are a couple of things that you can do, both during rounds and after them, to increase your K/D ratio. Implementing these tips will also help you get a better Average Combat Score, which in turn will also assist you in ranking higher, i.e., if you’re playing ranked games.

Valorant K/D Ratio

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

  1. Know Thyself

There are presently 16 valorant agents in total at the time of writing these tips. It may happen that you might not get the chance to play as each one of them (*coughs* instalocking-duelists *coughs*). However, you can still learn about using the specific abilities of the particular valorant agents that you think will suit your gameplay better.

Becoming familiar with your valorant agents’ abilities can help you implement them in-game and also helps you anticipate similar gameplay from the identical agents belonging to the opposite team. These two aspects are fundamental to learn in Valorant, being an asymmetrical character-based tactical shooter.

Here’s how you can try Valorant Agent Training:

  • Select the Custom Game Mode
  • Enable Cheats from the Settings Menu
  • Pick any Map of your choice
  • Pick the Agent you wish to practice
  • Start the Match
  • Wait for pre-game Timer to End
  • After the End of Buy Time, Pause Timer From Settings
  • Enable All Cheats & Infinite Abilities
  • Practice using different valorant agent abilities at different map locations.
  1. Fix Your Crosshair

The unsaid but well-known rule of any FPS game is having correct crosshair placement, which is better possible when your crosshair looks less like a Camera display + and more like a +. Your crosshair is at the epi-center of your Field of Vision (FOV), and you should adjust it according to how you prefer aiming.

Try different Valorant Crosshair Settings and use them in the Practice Mode. After finalizing one, get around to adjusting mouse sensitivity. Having the appropriate sensitivity settings with the right crosshair can help you bag the clutch and ace scenarios, ultimately boosting your K/D ratio.

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  1. Understanding Shooting, Recoil & Sprays

Additionally, your K/D ratio is also possible to boost by understanding how any Valorant Gun works. Learning these basics will help you decide accurately regarding which gun works best in which situation with respect to your available in-game economy at that instance.

Bringing a Classic against an Odin or Operator won’t help you increase your K/D ratio but, using a Guardian or a Sheriff instead can improve your chances of scoring a kill.

At the same time, make a point of checking out the difference of shooting, recoil, and spraying speed between guns like Spectre, Phantom, and Vandal to see which serves you the best. Do the same across firearms of all the classes and types to recognize which guns work for you more ideally than others in most scenarios.

Valorant Recoil
  1. Aim Practice

Dying as a Valorant Agent during rounds might seem inevitable, but it is possible to score less in your total death counts. Dying less helps you have a better in-game economy, which you can use for buying the right guns or help your team get a half-buy each. How to Die less? Do Aim Practice.

Understanding crosshair placement will take you from 0 to 150 real quick (Especially if you Play as Reyna), whereas disregarding it will do the opposite, and you’d probably rage quit. Instead, practice your aim in the Practice Mode, where you can choose difficulties and Bot speed or play DeathMatch Mode, Unranked Mode, to do realistic practice sessions.

  1. Being Decisive

At any point of the in-game round, think on your feet, make decisions, and avoid freezing.

  • If you can’t push a site? Rotate.
  • Too many agents holding a site? Use Your Valorant Agent Abilities.
  • Running out of Bullets? Switch to Secondary Gun or Throw the empty guns and pick a new one.
  • Too late to defuse the spike? Get out, save your weapon.
  • And so on.

The only way you can implement these choices into practice is by playing the game and making decisions according to what fulfills your survival and winning prospects together. Merely winning by becoming top fragger with kills can be awesome, but it won’t let you be the MVP sometimes due to a lesser K/D ratio.

  1. Watch Pro Plays

Last of all, the best way to improve your K/D ratio is to see the Pro Valorant Players making their top fragging plays and also their worst possible mistakes. Incorporating the good DOs and one by one eliminating the bad DONTs from your game will indeed, sooner or later, contribute to improving your Valorant K/D ratio.

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