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Valorant HRTF Audio Settings & Muting Abusive Team Comms

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Valorant is earning massive respect and admiration among the global gaming community for being an authentic character-based First Person tactical shooter. It allows a player to choose among 16 unique playable characters against a 5v5 roster with asymmetrical win conditions for both teams in a match with Valorant HRTF settings.

The game is doing impressively well by implementing newer features such as improved game economy, system bug fixes, introducing new agents & maps, etc., on a monthly basis. So far, the primary agents like Reyna, Jett, Sova, and Sage remain pretty popular, with agents like Viper, Breach, Yoru, and Skye earning a cult following within the game.

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Apart from these improvements available in the Valorant 3.0 patch, Valorant already possesses two quality features called the Riot Vanguard and Valorant HRTF Audio settings. The former is a piece of software that supports the prevention of cheating or tampering with the game while allowing the game client to launch successfully. HRTF, on the other hand, is also an equally valuable software improvement. Let’s learn more about it further below.

What is Valorant HRTF?

By the addition of HRTF in Valorant, the developers have further refined the gameplay experience. HRTF translates to the Head-Related Transfer Function, which essentially defines how the ear perceives sound from the source of a sound.

Each time a sound originates from the source, it travels in the form of waves in each direction like an expanding sphere. The ear apparatus of the human body translates these sound waves into comprehensible sounds in relation to the position and direction of the sound with HRTF, which makes these sounds individually distinguishable.

Thus, by having this audio function in a game like valorant, players can identify footsteps, gun reloads sounds and other in-game sounds in a 3D form. It enables them to pinpoint the respective activity that originates these sounds, thereby enhancing the gameplay experience by making it realistic.

How To Turn on HRTF in Valorant?

The Valorant HRTF Audio setting is available on a toggle basis within the Audio Settings Panel. Here’s how you can turn on this setting in Valorant:

Note: It is recommended that you must turn off any existing ‘3D Audio’ settings within your system to use this feature as intended.

Turning Off Windows 3D Audio 

  • Open your Start Menu and type ‘Sound Settings’ to display and Open the Windows Sound Settings Panel by clicking on it.
  • Right Click your Default Audio Output Device such as your Speakers or Headphones from the Playback tab and open its Properties.
  • Now, Select your Audio Output Device and proceed to Turn Off or Disable 3D Audio Enhancements. (You may also click on Disable All Enhancements.)

Note: Some Devices may use Spatial Sounds such as Windows Sonic For Headphones. Proceed to Turn it Off before running the Valorant Game from the Valorant Game Client.

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Steps To Turn On Valorent HRTF

  • After disabling all audio enhancements from the Windows Settings, launch the Valorant game via its Valorant Game Client. (To fix your Valorant Game Client, visit this link.)
  • Open the Valorant Settings Menu from your Valorant in-game screen by clicking on the Settings icon on the top right corner.
  • Click on the Settings option and proceed to click on the Audio Tab visible on your Settings Screen.
  • Lookup the Enable HRTF option found under the Speaker Configuration option and toggle it by ticking the empty box.
Valorant HRTF Audio Settings
  • Your Valorant game should now have the HRTF setting enabled.

Note: HRTF might initially not feel natural at first, but you can play a few rounds with it and toggle it on/off to notice the difference. Afterward, you can keep whichever settings offer you better audio performance.

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Muting Abusive Team Comms

Playing Valorant can be exciting and fun except when you encounter abusive behavior or toxicity within the game, whether from your team or enemy team. Still, Valorant allows you to turn off both Audio and Chat for those players and the team.

Such options can help players focus on the game better and mute out all the toxicity via chat or audio. Ideally, reporting them is also an option but muting abusive team comms helps instantly, especially when playing ranked mode. However, we also advise you to maintain positivity within the game and not engage in any type of toxic behavior.

Muting Team Audio & Chat in Valorant

  • Press the ‘Esc’ button on your keyboard to access the Settings Page from your in-game round.
  • You will land on the Match Tab within the Settings Page, and you can see the names of your team along with other options.
  • You can now use the slider to reduce the in-game communication sounds of your respective teammates or mute them completely by ticking the box against the Mute option. You can also mute all team members.
  • You can further mute the chat by clicking on the mute chat option against the player names or parallelly mute the enemy team’s chat from appearing on your in-game chat window.
  • You should now be able to play without hearing audio or viewing chat from respective players that you mute.

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