The impressive tactical first-person shooter that is Valorant by Riot Inc. has gathered enormous appreciation and revenue over the past year, and it’s only climbing. The game offers an exciting playground, six of them to be precise, where a team of 5v5 valorant agents combats as attackers and defenders, respectively.

There are numerous reasons why the game has garnered popularity. Among them are a few key reasons that truly serve to unite the FPS gamers from different regions and gaming communities.

Authentic FPS Gameplay

Valorant FPS Gameplay

Using the Valorant Vanguard system to prevent cheating and the addition of regular patches into the game as needed to fix bugs has contributed immensely to making this game an instant hit. Aside from the obvious fact that it’s completely free to play.

Collectively these two reasons alone solve two compound problems of the gaming community. Because most games in the market either cost a figure yet take too long to fix bugs or never get fixed. Thereby ultimately becoming a concern for regular players and pro players alike- to deal with cheaters.

Such a system has led FPS gamers worldwide to notice the game and try it for themselves. In turn, it led to the point where several pro players from different esports gaming backgrounds have adopted the game professionally.

Moreover, the fundamental FPS nature of the game is still pretty relevant. Despite the feature where a player can choose to play as any one of the sixteen available agents-possessing unique abilities of their own-the gun gameplay is still pretty exciting all the same.

A testament to this fact is the introduction of the new Episode 3 Act 1, where the developers have tweaked the in-game economy system to balance out the use of abilities and gun action.

Breaking Cultural Barriers

Unique Agents

The inclusion of unique playable valorant agents that hail from different regions worldwide is an excellent way to make global players and newbie gamers interested in the game. Each agent has their individual origin story as they come from diverse backgrounds. Each of them also possesses their own unique set of abilities—Combinedly, offering plenty to the game to keep it refreshing and exciting.

Valorant FPS Gamers

Agents like Sova, Viper, Killjoy, Jett, Raze, Sage, Phoenix, etc., are also seen to be favored by the Valorant community, as are the other agents. Both game-enthusiasts and content creators have been observed to build fan art, game aesthetics, and similar other creative content to share their love for the game.

Passionate Developers

Someday if you get around to checking the Twitter platform of the official valorant game, you’d see that the community interaction between the game developers and the devoted fans is pretty harmonious.

The valorant players are constantly offered new in-game features and online participation events to submit their art or share their Ace & Clutch moments which are often boosted by the Valorant Media team themselves.

The introduction of the Give Back Bundle on the 1st Anniversary of the game is another way the Valorant creators are rewarding the player base. It offers them in-game items designed and voted for by the community itself, with more such polls and submissions frequently occurring at any week of any month.

Valorant Women Championships

Yes, the older established esports scene was limited in its ability to include a massive selection of the population, i.e., the female gamers, which are now inspired to play the valorant game by introducing women’s valorant championships by Riot Games Inc.

Similar to long known and much prestigious men’s teams’ esports teams such as Fnatic, TSM, Cloud 9, etc., each of these teams and other teams now also has an all-female roster of their own for valorant. Their participation in the global esports scene currently motivates early adopters of PC gaming to become a part of something global that accepts all players regardless of biases.

A Safe Haven for All Communities

Some additional fine examples of their openness to bring diversity to the game are- the distribution of the free-to-redeem special Pride Month Player cards, unique agent roster, strict policies against racism and inappropriate behavior, etc. These responses and the repeated efforts to make the valorant game connect more with people of all communities, even for those outside of gaming, make Valorant become one of the most supportive games of all time.

Valorant Championship Tour

It might be unknown to many, but the emerging competitive esports title Valorant already has over 14 million monthly active players. By amassing billions in revenue, which helps promote the game by hosting global valorant championship tournaments, Valorant wants to become a platform for FPS gamers to unite and have fun.

Valorant FPS Gamers

Players from different regions like NA, EU, MENA, SA, Korea, etc., participate together in the global playoffs and battle each other in-game for a chance to compete against the best teams in the world. There are several stages to their championship tournament, which ensures that valorant players and the community always look forward to the game.

The booming and substantial growth of the game as an esports title is furthermore attracting previously esteemed pro players from games like CS: GO, Fortnite, PUBG, etc. and youngsters alike with the help of Twitch Rivals and Valorant Summer Champs events which help to unite players of different ages and races to play together.

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One Game, For the Love of FPS

A total of more than 128 teams participate in the Valorant Tournaments throughout the year. It is also viewed by over a dozen million people collectively through the year, which truly establishes Valorant as an FPS title that genuinely unites gamers worldwide.

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