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Valorant Error Code 39 – How To Fix It Quickly?

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Usually, the Valorant game runs pretty perfectly, but if you’re encountering problems with running the game, you can fix your valorant client. However, fixing the game client may not work at all times when you encounter specific types of Valorant errors. Such errors come with specific codes, and the valorant error code 39 is one of them.

What is Valorant Error 39?

Valorant has assigned a series of mysterious codes displayed whenever the valorant game client faces various issues. The error code 39 valorant is one of them, which translates to having server connectivity issues. The following code will accompany a message reading the valorant game client is facing issues or errors while connecting to the platform.

valorant error 39

While the description familiarizes you regarding the type of problem you’re facing, it does not present solutions. Moreover, the description barely scratches the surface of the problem because connection issues can be due to numerous reasons.

Hence, needing a fix to the problem is necessary to continue accessing the game.

Valorant Error Code 39 Fix

The first thing you should do when encountering this error is to visit the Valorant Server Status Page. You can find its link on the official Twitter account of Valorant (@PlayVaorant), or you can click here.

Upon visiting the Valorant Server Status Page, please select your region and check under the Current Messages section. If there are any server problems from the game server-side, it’ll display it within that section.

Still, when you see a message reading No recent issues or events to report, you need alternate solutions. These solutions may not always help resolve the issue depending on the server region, but they have helped other users.

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Alternate Valorant Error 39 Solutions

When the official Valorant Server Support Page is unable to help you identify game connectivity issues, try these steps:

  • Disconnect from your WiFi connection and use your LAN port to connect to the Internet.
  • Restart your computer to reinitialize the Riot Vanguard Service.
  • Repair the New Valorant Game Client.
  • Access Valorant Game on a different Computer.
  • Change your Internet connection.

Note: We would advise you not to re-install your Valorant game when you’re facing server connectivity issues because it can fail. However, you can try it after verifying the game status with a friend, should you find it working for them.

Ultimate Valorant Error Fix

When everything fails to allow you access into the game by presenting you the server connectivity issues message, do this.

  • Contact Valorant Support Team -> Visit the Valorant Support Page.
  • Create a Ticket and fill in the respective fields.
  • Describe your Valorant Connectivity Problems.
  • Revision your details, Submit the Ticket.
  • Await a response from the Valorant Support Team.

In most scenarios, the Valorant Support team will mail you regarding possible solutions to fix the problem within 24 hours. The provided solutions should help you access the game again. However, if you reencounter the Valorant Error 39 or any other error, continue to correspond with them by replying to their mail directly. Happy Gaming!

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