As Riot’s dream project Valorant is continuing to conquer the gaming world, more and more players are looking to enhance their gameplay and climb the fulcrum of the gaming industry. While there no alternative for hard work, you can still begin your journey to become a pro gamer by implementing some fundamental changes. 

Often, the importance of in-game tactical crosshair is overlooked as mouse DPI and sensitivity are given preference over this essential setting. This ignorance might be genuine for some games, but in Valorant, you need to emphasize a crosshair setting.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro; you can continuously improve with some advice. So, let’s see how you can configure your crosshair in Valorant. 

Valorant CrosshairHow to Set Up a Game-Winning ? 

Veteran first-person shooter players know that if you want to master the competitive scene of FPS gaming, you need to fiddle with your in-game settings. They will also agree that if you have found out the best crosshair in Valorant settings, half the battle is won already! 

When you first start the game, you will be given a dynamic crosshair which will eat up a fair amount of space in the center of your screen. It is suitable for players who aren’t thinking about going pro, but if you want to enter the world of e-sports, it is time to switch things up. 

Valorant crosshair

Here, this is the first step to establish your authority and learn how you can set up your crosshair and start your journey to dominate the world of e-sports!

Crosshair Color: 

You will think, is it indispensable to emphasize color. The color configuration is fundamental. You don’t want to look for your lost crosshair while in an intense battle with your opponent. You can choose your preferred color from eight options. Again, ensure that you select a color that shows up well against most of the colors as you don’t want to spectate your opponent from the lobby because you couldn’t find your crosshair in mid-battle carnage. 


If you don’t want to lose sight of your Valorant crosshair, then the outline option can aid you. Enable this option, and you will have a crosshair with a black border. You can also customize the opacity and thickness of these borders. 

Center Dot: 

It is like two sides of a coin! Adding a center dot in your crosshair can provide you with accuracy for long shots. Still, it will also add visual chaos to your crosshair. 

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Fade Crosshair With Firing Error: 

When you enable this setting, the top of the line of your cross will disappear out if you constantly fire with an automatic weapon. Once you stop firing, the line will reappear instantly. 

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Show Spectated Player’s Crosshair: 

With the help of this setting, you will see how other players have configured their crosshairs. However, you can only use this feature when you are spectating them. 

Inner Lines & Outer Lines: 

You will have the privilege to choose the best set of the line as you will have two options in front of you, and both these sets have the same functionality. You can customize their opacity, length, thickness, and distance from the center at your convenience. Additionally, you can also choose whether you want them to respond dynamically to movement and/or firing. 

Best valorant crosshair

Now, let’s see some of the best Valorant crosshair settings. 

Best Crosshair Valorant Configurations To Dominate and Win!

Here are some of the best crosshair Valorant customization advice which top e-sport players use. 

  • If you see the crosshair settings of pros, you will know how to avoid putting too much value for outline opacity. The deal is kept intentionally low to evaluate the area and get hold of the enemy’s location.
  • Firing error and movement error are excellent for players who are just starting the game. However, you will understand that it is better to keep them off with time to avoid visual nuisance and clutter. 
  • This is one of the pieces of advice that will make or break your gameplay. Keep the inner line values in odd numbers. You will find a visual inconsistency, which will hamper your gameplay. 
  • If you want to make a jump from a usual gamer to a pro and veteran of the game, start practicing no center dot crosshair as it will allow you to evaluate and aim ideally on your opponent. The Center dot will cause disturbance in your aim and affect your shooting. Hence, keep the center dot off. 

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Final Words 

These configurations can help you get the best crosshair for Valorant and take your gameplay a notch up! However, practice makes a man perfect, so configure your Valorant crosshair and dedicate hours to this game and see yourself conquer this e-sport FPS game! 

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