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Valorant Best Meta Agents For All Maps! – Three Must Have

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Beginners starting to play Valorant daily or occasionally are growing by the day, with ranked players escaping Low ELO Hell. Hence, with the Duelist insta-locking newbies in the team, it’s only advantageous to learn about the Valorant Best Meta Agents. An additional benefit of knowing about such Valorant Agents is that they can switch the Meta on an opposing team!

Valorant Best Meta Agents Importance

Presently, there are over eighteen Unique Valorant Agents, out of which, only five are available to the new players. Although the offered Valorant Agents are plenty good, some of them may not be the best picks on specific maps.

Naturally, unlocking each Valorant Agent requires time and game XP, which can be better channeled towards unlocking the better agent.

Unlocking multiple Valorant Agents is paramount because not all Valorant Agent Abilities offer the maximum yield on all maps. In other words, it’s possible for some Agents to not fully utilize their abilities kits on certain Valorant Maps.

So, which are the Valorant Best Meta Agents, and do they align with the Valorant Best Agent Reddit picks?

Valorant Best Meta Agents on All Maps

Out of all the Valorant Agents released so far, a handful of them across different Agent Classes are the best. Although, ultimately it all comes down to the aiming abilities of a player, using abilities does help create combat scenarios.

Hence, the following Agents belonging to their respective Valorant Agent Classes are the best picks on all maps.

1. Chamber

The launch of Chamber Valorant Agent is a key moment in the history of Valorant for several reasons. A combination of those reasons quantifies him as the Valorant Best Agent Reddit pick and rightfully so.

Chamber lore is linked with Valorant Lore, which is the catalyst behind the events of Fracture, the newest Valorant Map. Known as the Weapons Master, the Chamber Agent, a Sentinel, can single-handedly defend a spike site using his abilities.

Valorant Best Meta Agents - Chamber

Chamber Abilities:

  • Trademark (C)

A trap that triggers when enemies are in proximity, destabilizing the ground around it. Useful for limiting site push or detecting flank rotations on both vast or smaller maps.

  • Headhunter (Q)

Grants a special Heavy Pistol equivalent to the firepower of Sheriff, with ADS but limited rounds. Best for Eco Rounds and also useful for long-range one-tap kills for Breeze, Haven, Split, etc. maps.

  • Rendezvous (E)

Place anchors within limited proximity that allow teleporting between two locations. Can serve to single-handedly defend a spike site or fake a rotation or initiate flanks.

  • Tour De Force (X)

Equip a custom sniper rifle, which kills the enemy with one hit, even during movement, leaving behind a lingering field that slows nearby players.


K.A.Y.O is one of the most admired and rewarding Valorant Best Meta Agents on all maps. Whether he is picked by experienced players or beginners, playing to his abilities does not require a higher learning curve.

His collective abilities make him a force to be reckoned with irrespective of whichever Valorant Agent is opposite him. After all, according to Valorant game fans, KAYO is an abbreviation of Kill All Your Opponents. 

Valorant Best Meta Agents - Kayo

KAYO Abilities:

  • FRAG/ment (C)

Grants an explosive fragment projectile that sticks to the ground and explodes in three bursts, dealing the most damage at its center. Useful for limiting push or cornering an enemy into engaging in gunfire combat.

  • FLASH/drive (Q)

Equips a flash grenade that explodes after a short fuse, can be thrown in two ways using LMR and RMB. It is known to inflict the most potent flash, and the fuse is just adequate for both smaller and larger area sites.

  • ZERO/point (E)

Grants a suppression blade that sticks to the first surface it comes in contact with to create a field that suppresses abilities. Any agent caught within the field will temporarily experience ability suppression, with their character image displayed as suppressed to the allies.

(Best used to gather intel on enemy positions or shut Valorant Agent Ultimate abilities.)

  • NULL/cmd (X)

Activates KAYO with overloaded polarized radianite energy whose pulses extend to a larger radius. Players caught within the radius experience abilities suppression. It also grants KAYO combat stim and added HP after he is knocked down which is reverted to 100 after he is revived.

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3. Reyna

The Empress of Valorant known as Reyna is still a Tier-S Duelist, despite countless Valorant Nerfs & Buffs since its release. Several reasons qualify her as the Valorant Meta Beginners’ best pick, among which her healing ability is at the top.

Other reasons include her Ultimate Form, which drastically offers a higher firing, equip and weapon reload rate. Lastly, her Leer ability is perfect for creating opportunities for making aggressive plays. Need we say more, she can disappear using Dismiss for time being by consuming the enemy Soul orb.

Valorant Best Meta Agents - Reyna

Reyna Abilities:

  • Leer (C)

Equips a deployable ethereal destructible eye that makes enemies nearsighted until it’s shot down. It does not matter how many agents leer at it, each one will be blinded by it unless they are in cover from its visibility.

  • Devour (Q)

Allows Reyna to consume the soul orb which makes her regain her HP for a limited time. The maximum HP regains count depends on whether she has purchased armor, finite time duration, and any obstructions in the process of consuming.

  • Dismiss (E)

Allows Reyna to consume the soul orb which temporarily allows her to become intangible. When the player has their title equipped as Empress, it grants Reyna to also become invisible after engaging Dismiss ability.

  • Empress (X)

Engaging it makes Reyna enter a frenzied state wherein she gains combat stim and aforementioned abilities like quicker reload and weapon equip speed. Its duration is renewed when an enemy dies to Reyna, making her suitable for close and distant quarter combats.

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Final Words

The list of Valorant Best Agent Reddit picks wasn’t always as limited until the launch of the Valorant Patch 4.05 which nerfed Brimstone. Hence, the count of the top Valorant Best Meta Agents is presently limited to three, with their abilities undoubtedly being suitable for any and all Valorant maps despite the reworks.

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