The Valorant Battlepass is one of the most affordable ways to earn in-game rewards while playing the game. Regardless of the Valorant Agent that you may choose to play as your main character, you will still gain experience points (XP) for playing any of the different valorant game modes like Spike Rush, Unrated, Competitive, Deathmatch, Escalation, Replication, and Snowball Fight.

However, when you see the end days of the Battlepass nearing, you need to be logical in choosing your game modes so that you can earn maximum valorant experience points as early as possible. There are a few ways by which you can accomplish this, and here’s all you need to know.

Valorant Battlepass Level Up Tips

When you’re a regular valorant player, you might not need to be hasty in obtaining the experience points as they’ll be collected with every game you play, win or lose. Still, winning those matches matter as they reward a higher XP bonus, even more, when you become the MVP of the match.

Besides this, players who unfortunately cannot play valorant as often as other millions of players in the world can still have their Valorant Battlepass level up quicker by playing selectively. It’s pretty simple. You play whichever game mode rewards you the most in the least amount of time.

Valorant Battlepass Level Up

Remember, earning XP also helps with unlocking a new Valorant agent. So, you get more than dual benefits by playing valorant matches, i.e., earning Valorant Battlepass items, unlocking valorant agents, and increasing your valorant account level (introduced from the valorant patch 3.02)

Complete Your Daily Missions

The Daily Missions are your second most important way by which you can have your Valorant Battlepass level up. Each day, depending on when the daily clock resets for your region, you get two daily missions in pair with a First Win of the Day bonus. The former missions offer you 2,000 XP each, and the first win bonus grants you an easy 1,000 XP.

Valorant Battlepass Level Up

Completing these missions is usually pretty simple where the mission criteria can be among the following:

  • Kill with an Enemy Gun
  • Collect an Orb
  • Get 10 Headshots
  • You or Your teammate plant or diffuse 10 spikes
  • Kill 10 enemies
  • Use your Abilities 20 times
  • And so on

In a typical scenario, you can complete these missions in a single game via an unrated or a competitive match, which could only take less than an hour to complete. Grabbing these XP points will inch you closer to getting almost 10,000 XP in your first game, considering that bagging a win will also grant you an additional 4,000-5,000 XP for merely playing.

Complete Your Weekly Missions

This is your foremost way of gaining massive amounts of XP to have your Valorant Battlepass Level Up rapidly. Regardless of your Valorant region, you’ll get three weekly missions that you can complete in the duration of a week, after which they will reset, and you may lose all mission progress if you don’t complete them.

See, each weekly mission grants you anywhere from 12,000 to 18,000 XP depending on your Valorant Competitive Rank. Even when you are someone who only plays unrated and doesn’t have a Valorant Act Rank, you can still net almost 10,000 to 12,000 XP depending on your account level by completing these missions.

Since most Valorant Battlepass Tier items only need 20,000 XP to 38,000 XP in an ascending manner as the Tier progresses ahead, you can easily complete one Tier in a day or two. In combination with daily completing your weekly missions, Doing so can allow you to gain almost 99,000 XP in a week.

Playing Spike Rush

Some valorant players might disagree that playing spike rush doesn’t offer much XP per game, but it’s noteworthy to consider how quickly you can finish a Spike Rush game. Still, begin playing Spike Rush and other minor game modes only after completing your daily and weekly missions, as achievements from those games won’t count towards your mission criteria fulfillment.

Now, some quick math to convince you that Spike Rush can indeed help with having your Valorant Battlepass Level Up at a faster pace:

  • You get 1,000 XP per win
  • The Spike Rush only takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Combine these figures with a day’s worth of Valorant gaming, for even 3 hours can net you 12,000 XP and more when you also get MVP titles.

Implementing these tactics to have your Valorant Battlepass Level Up earlier will also help you grab the Epilogue items. Each of which borders on the requirement of over 30,000 XP per Tier.

Note: The Epilogue tier rewards usually contain valorant player cards, valorant sprays, and Radianite points. Scoring all those Radianite points by the end of the Battlepass will help you buy valorant weapon customizations, VFX animations, etc.

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