Valorant is a 5v5 tactical FPS game launched by Riot Games. Nearing the completion of a year after its launch, Valorant is seemingly set to claim the ultimate throne for itself in the eSports FPS category. The veteran players from games like Counter-Strike, Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc., have all tried this unique FPS game, and so far, the community and the gamers both love this game and its Valorant Battle Pass.

Valorant Battle Pass

One of the primary reasons behind this game’s massive success is the developers’ efforts in making this game ready for both casual gaming and eSports Championship. Their agile and receptive approach towards the game mechanics and feedback has helped the gamers enjoy the game better. From applying minor and major tweaks and bug fixing (during the beta phase) to designing this attractive-looking game, the developers have been performing all the right changes, including its battle pass system that only adds another layer to the delight of the gamers worldwide.

What is A Battle Pass?

It is an in-game system that rewards you for the hours you spend playing and completing the game’s challenges by offering you in-game cosmetic items. These items can help to personalize your gameplay in a way that suits you best by allowing you to make specific cosmetic changes. Every Act and Episode (much like any season) of Valorant comes with 50 tiers (spread in 10 chapters) and an Epilogue. Each contains particular types of items, and they are divided between premium and free rewards.

While you can still get the free rewards by completing the missions, A Battle Pass, in comparison, allows you to get more rewards and premium items. You can then either unlock those items using XP points that you can earn by completing missions or simply purchasing valorant points, the in-game currency system.

The 10 Chapters each contain five premium tier rewards and one free reward of Chapter completion. You can reach the free reward at the end of each chapter by completing the previous missions and passing through the premium tiers that will be unlocked only when you have a Battle Pass.

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Missions in Battle Pass

Before making you familiar with the types of rewards you could gain by playing the game, it will serve you well in the game to learn about the kind of missions you’ll have to complete to unlock these items. Moreover, it will be useful to learn that to gain each reward, to make use of the Battle Pass fully, you’ll need to earn 1,372,000 XP within only two months, which should take nearly 100 hours or so depending on your skill.

Daily Missions:

These missions usually require that you finish them in 24 hours. After that time, they reset, and you’ll get new missions to complete. Getting a Battle Pass does not enable you to get new missions early. However, you may unlock extra rewards for the same missions with the Battle Pass. The daily missions sometimes could be completed in a single game or two, but the crux of the matter is that it allows you to increase your experience points each time you complete any one of them.

Weekly Missions:

The weekly missions require you to make more effort to complete them successfully compared to the daily missions. You can be asked to play the matches a fixed number of times or use a type of ability a certain number of times, and so on. These missions offer to reward you with more experience points than what you may gain by completing daily missions, and you mustn’t miss them when you’ve bought a Battle Pass when you furthermore only play the game for limited hours.

Common examples of both types of missions are given below:

  • Use Ultimate Ability ‘n’ number of times.
  • Purchase Armors for ‘n’ number of times.
  • Collect ‘n’ number of Orbs that add to unlock Ultimate Ability.
  • Plant or Diffuse a Spike.
  • Use the opponent’s gun to score one or more kill(s).
  • Get ‘n’ number of headshots.
  • Get the first kill in one or more round(s).
  • Play ‘n’ number of matches.
  • Win ‘n’ number of matches.
  • Cause a certain figure of total damage.
  • Purchase certain abilities one or more times.
  • And so on.

Additionally, you will gain 100 experience points by default for every round you complete and 200 points for every round won. Thus, if you’re the winning team, you can earn at least2600 experience points aside from the experience points you may also receive by completing daily and weekly missions.

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Rewards in Valorant Battle Pass

The Battle Pass in Valorant offers you the chance to unlock all the 50 tiers of rewards divided into ten chapters within the game. Often these distributed rewards belong to the following categories, and their respective rewards for the current Battle Pass (belonging to Act 2 Episode 2) are depicted below:

Valorant Battle Pass
Valorant Battle Pass
Valorant Battle Pass
Valorant Battle Pass
  • Gun Skins
  • Player Cards
  • Player Titles
  • Gun Buddies
  • Wall Sprays

Cost of Valorant Battle Pass

The cost of a Battle Pass in Valorant is usually 1000 Valorant Points, and one can buy them by spending real money. You cannot earn back the Valorant Points in the game to balance your purchase cost, but if you’re an enthusiast, the items you might gain could easily even the purchase cost for you.

Should You Get Valorant Battle Pass?

Beyond getting the Battle Pass, you will still have the opportunity to buy new items in the game from the store every day after its countdown resets. However, it is commonly possible to get lesser discounts on those items or that you may never have them available to you in-store. It is also possible that some items are limited only to the Battle Pass. Thus, if you want to get the new skins, cards, charms (gun buddies), sprays, and titles, a Battle Pass is your best bet to earn them.

For enthusiasts and collectors, the Battle Pass is an excellent system to obtain new items that you can use to personalize a few of the in-game elements to suit your desire. Even for a casual player, these items can add more value and refreshment to the game, where a player uses them to pair it with exciting newer agents. Additionally, the game is slated to add 30 characters to the game by the end of this very year. So get your Battle Pass ready!

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