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Riot Mobile App – All You Need to Know!

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The official League+ Application developed by the well-known game creator, Riot Games, is transitioning into Riot Mobile – a new mobile companion app. After decades and with the addition of several game titles under the Riot Games portfolio, the new Riot Mobile application is being launched to become the go-to mobile companion for its users.

The previously known League+ mobile application was launched with the outlook to provide users with a multi-game functionality within the app for those who play a host of games developed by Riot Games. However, after the success of its multiple game titles, including Valorant, the developers are proud to announce this app that will allow players to check stats, get newsletters, and more!

Let’s dive into learning more about Riot Mobile, which is known to be available for all mobile devices from October 4th, 2021.

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What is Riot Mobile?

It is an upgrade on the previously launched League+ Mobile App that will function as a mobile companion for all games under the umbrella of Riot Games.

Download Riot Mobile App

The update aims to provide its users with an experience that makes it convenient for them to discover new games, new game content, and different engaging activities related to the games developed by Riot Games. The app is also designed to help players stay up to date with the latest game features and events and serve as a medium to connect with other Riot players.

Riot Mobile Features

Riot Mobile UI

The Riot Mobile Application can be mistaken for Riot Mobile Games. Still, essentially it is a separate app that assists in establishing a foundation for Riot Games to launch different mobile features that can support the gameplay experience of its players.

From the multi-game functionality provided by the developers, which was under scrutiny for performance and app stability issues, the new app is bound to improve those functionalities besides introducing features like esports tracking, personalization, etc. Hence, the app allows making the players intimately familiar with the Riot Games ecosystem by presenting it as the ultimate hub for everything Riot.

The users will be able to make use of the following features upon the launch of the application:

  • Create Player Profiles
  • Connect Globally with Cross-Game Accounts
  • Communicate Globally with Cross-Region Chats
  • Cross-Game Friends Search
  • Multi-game News Feed

Supported Riot Mobile Games

The Multi-Game News Feed is an exciting way to stay connected with all the updates and events of all the games made by Riot Games. At the time of the launch, the Mobile application will feature support for the following games:

  • Valorant
  • League of Legends
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • League of Runterra
  • Team Fight Tactics

Players interested in the Riot Valorant Mobile application can customize the Riot Mobile app only to feature the Valorant game updates and events in their news feed. However, please don’t mistake the Riot Mobile App download as the official launch of Valorant Mobile download as that game is still pending in the completion of its development phase.

Anyone interested in Mobile Valorant eSports updates to events and new game patches can learn more about them using the Riot Mobile app on their handheld devices. Furthermore, users may also possibly receive exclusive valorant lore on this app after its release.

Download Riot Mobile Games

Valorant developers are excited to present the users with a mobile companion app in the form of Riot Mobile to better connect with its global community of gamers. Still, the enthusiastic fans will have to wait until October 4th, 2021, to download the Riot Mobile App on their mobile devices.

However, there’s one additional way to get the Riot Games app, and it can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Access the respective App Store/Google Play Store on your mobile device
  • Look up ‘League+’ and download the application.
  • Sign In using your Riot Account.


  • Update your Existing ‘League+’ application from the respective App Store/Google Play Store.
Riot Mobile

The Riot Developers have mentioned that users who already have the ‘League+’ application installed on their mobile devices will automatically get the ‘Riot Mobile’ application, provided that Automatic Updates are enabled.

Moreover, it is also added that the release of the new application may initially be region-specific. But users who already have the app mentioned above will be able to participate in the first wave of Riot Mobile application use.

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