The rise of the Valorant was one of the most surprising as it came from oblivion and conquered the hearts of true FFP gamers. Gamers were still fighting and battling each other in the old-aged Dima of CS. Then came a game that took the gaming industry by storm by providing enhanced gameplay and interesting features. Today, fans of Valorant eagerly await it on the mobile platform but have to do with mobile games like Valorant. 

The hardcore Counter-strike lovers and fanatics were left jaw-dropped when they saw the aesthetics of this first-person tactical game. Valorant game has all the razzle-dazzle to create a buzz in the gaming world. However, this game didn’t just create buzz, it brought a storm into the gaming world and everybody was ready to grab the piece of the action with Valorant.

The popularity soared through the roof and every gamer and streamer was spending their time playing this game. It was becoming increasingly likely that Valorant will make its way to mobile gaming. 

Although it is still in its developmental phase, people want to taste similar gameplay that can help them prepare for the mobile release of Valorant. Here are some of the mobile games like Valorant:

Shadowgun Legends

The best thing about Valorant is that it is one of the most graphical-astute games which provides you with an amazing gameplay experience in 5v5 battles. This gameplay and aesthetics were hard to conquer on the mobile but Shadowgun Legend has come very close to imitate the outstanding graphics and intense battles of Valorant with much fanfare. 

Valorant like shadowgun legend

The backstory makes the game more intense as your world will be ravaged by an alien invasion and you are the last line of the defense. All the hope of humanity lies on you and you have to kill your way through ultimate victory. You are the Shadowgun warrior in this sci-fi world and save humanity by playing the immersive story campaign. 

If you are more in PvP battles then Shadowgun Legend is one of the finest in this category as you will be caught off-guard with the graphics and weapons available at your helm. Equip yourself with futuristic weaponry and see if you have what it takes to fight against the galactic monsters and restore the hope of all humanity.


This game is a thing that has come closest to imitating Valorant. If you want to play a game with fantasy characters and looking to breathe fire on your enemies then shellfire is your best option. This mobile game like valorant will offer you a thrilling 5v5 battle mode, where you can lay your hands on various modes such as escort battle, deathmatch, and capture the points, win all points or eliminate your enemies to be the best in the game. 

Shellfire like valorant

If you are looking to get something fresh from an FFP game then Shellfire is your dream! The Zombie Rush mode will give you a bonus but you have to live your nightmare of fighting against zombies and lastly, battle against a zombie boss that can send chills through your spine. Go through these intense 10 rounds and prove your mettle in FFP games. 

Every hero is unique and has different jaw-dropping abilities and powers. Choose your hero and conquer your friends on the PvP battlefield! 

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The disorder is one of the most realistic team-based shooter games where survival is the key to victory. In a world ravaged by war and violence; you have to fight your way through this ferocious life in order to survive. Do you have what it takes to survive in this fierce world? Well, check it out with Disorder! 

This is a game where the lone wolf will die but the pack will survive. Hence, find other players and team up with them to work your way through this action-packed life. Find enemies and eliminate them to earn rewards, weapons, and power so you can survive one more day on this horrid wasteland of a planet. 

Get this game where teamwork is key and be alert as enemies can strike you from shadows and end your journey! Take up your arms, throw injustice out of the window and fight alongside your teammates to live and fight another day on this planet. 

Shadowgun War Games 

Intense gameplay with enthralling graphics and tactical FPS game- sounds like Valorant, right? Well, it is the Shadowgun War Games that will give you a console-quality gaming experience on your mobile. With stunning maps and exciting modes, this game is slowly becoming the darling of many gamers who are looking for PvP games. 

The Team Deathmatch is the glowing feather of this game as build a full-proof strategy of capturing the flag and go all gun blazing with your teammates to conquer your enemies and reign supreme in this game. 

Shadowgun War Games is a perfect blend of intense multiplayer maps and models that can give you the ultimate PvP experience on your mobile screen! 

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Modern Combat Versus 

When it is Gameloft then it is going to be the best, period! The studio is known to produce some of the best mobile games in the past and they haven’t disappointed with modern combat either. One of the excellent games of the years; Modern Combat Versus was welcomed by the mobile PvP fanatics with open arms. 

Modern Combat versus like valorant

The immaculate graphic and intense gameplay was enough to lure players from all over the globe to enjoy this fun online FPS game that defines the new era of PvP gaming. With more than 17+ agents at your disposal, choose one, train him, and dominate the battlefield with your friends. 

Drop into this action-packed game and see your agent become invincible with amazing weapons and futuristic gameplay! 

Final Words 

If you are looking for something that can crave your Valorant hunger on your mobile device then these games will be apt for you. Go through this list and play these amazing games to get yourself ready for the Valorant. Go all gun blazing with your friends and dominate the FPS gaming lobby with these amazing games!  

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