Valorant’s newest addition to the list of agents is KAY/O, brought into the game with Episode 3 Act 1, termed Reflection. The total playable agents in Valorant now amounts to 16 distinct agents, with each their unique signature abilities and ultimate abilities.

Let’s take a closer look at the different abilities possessed by this newest valorant agent, who will fight against the supposedly radiant opponents in order to prevent their exceeding advancement in the game rounds.

Who is KAY/O?

In Valorant, KAY/O is the first machine-like looking agent in the game that is designed to specifically  \shake up the typical gameplays performed by other valorant competitive agents.

KAY/O is an initiator agent with a penchant for Suppression. His skillset can clip the opponent’s abilities to prevent the enemy team from gaining the upper hand in most combat situations.

Valorant Agent Kay/O

His abilities can also damage the opponents and bring him back into the game from a dire point of death, proving to be game-changing when used at crucial times.

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Kay/O’s Abilities


It costs 200 credits and equips a flash grenade that you can throw in the air or onto the floor, where it may bounce once and explode with a short fuse to blind the nearby agents temporarily.

Having such a flash can be useful to establish a successful Spike Rush at locations with heavy enemy placements. This ability can successfully force the enemies to reposition themselves to prevent a certain death in their blindness.


This ability is truly one of a kind where it equips KAY/O with a suppression blade. This blade will stick to the first surface it hits and will explode in a larger radius to suppress the use of abilities of the players caught in it for seven seconds.

One additional benefit of using this ability is that KAY/O can function like Sova in a particular way. The suppressed enemies will be visible on the feed, thereby instructing KAY/O of the presence of enemies on the site of the suppression blade’s explosion.


Valorant Agent Kay/O

It costs 200 credits and equips an explosive fragment that you can throw to the floor where it sticks and explodes lethal charges more than once that is deadliest at its epicenter. A player caught in this circle of explosions will not survive or hang by a thread, making it easier for your team to take out the competition.


Using this ultimate ability will fill polarized radianite energy into KAY/O, which will be emitted from his body in the form of pulses. Enemy valorant agents caught in these pulses will be temporarily suppressed while having KAY/O overloaded with energy will allow him to gain a combat stim similar to Brimstone’s.

However, suppose KAY/O is downed during this period. In that case, it will then be immobilized and pending core stabilization revival from teammates with a short time duration window (15s), during which he will gain over 700HP.

KAY/O will change the game quite literally by dismissing the other player’s capacity to use abilities for a limited time, leading to the unfolding of interesting scenarios in both daily matches and the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour matches. His ability to cease the aggression of enemies will come in quite handy in every map whenever a team needs a fragger, a sentinel, and an initiator.

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