Valorant Patch 7.01 – AGENT UPDATES

Enhanced Abilities and Visuals

In this Valorant Patch 7.01, we’ve made some exciting changes to the ability action icons across all Agents, ensuring a consistent and streamlined experience. We’ve also introduced new icons where needed, which will now appear above your equipped abilities. These enhancements will not only improve visual clarity but also elevate your gameplay. Furthermore, we’ve added captivating voiceover line interactions between Gekko and Deadlock, enhancing the immersive experience within the game. Prepare to be amazed by the new level of depth and storytelling these interactions bring to the battlefield.

Valorant Patch 7.01 – COMPETITIVE UPDATES

Ignition Stage is Live!

Calling all competitive enthusiasts! If you participated in the Premier Open Beta, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. However, with the Ignition Stage, we’re starting fresh, meaning you’ll need to form or join a new team for this exciting phase. Rest assured, your team and match history from Ignition will carry over to the official launch in August, so choose your team name wisely (as it cannot be changed later!).Enrollment for the Ignition Stage will remain open until July 20, so gather your comrades and ensure you select a Zone before the deadline. The end of enrollment varies by Zone, so be sure to check the schedule in the client to avoid missing out on this opportunity.

Matches and Playoffs

Mark your calendars! Matches are scheduled to commence on July 20 and will run through August 12, with Playoffs taking place on August 13. To qualify and vie for the prestigious title of being one of the best teams in your Division, aim for a Premier Score of at least 375. On top of that, you’ll also unlock a stunning Premier Champion title and an exclusive gun buddy as a testament to your triumph. For more in-depth details, don’t forget to consult our comprehensive FAQ section.


Upholding Fair Play

We understand the importance of maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment, which is why we’ve implemented in-game bans for repeated instances of AFK (Away From Keyboard), Friendly Fire, and Queue Dodging in both Competitive and Unrated modes. These measures are intended to ensure that every player experiences a level playing field and that disruptive behavior is promptly addressed.Additionally, we’ve introduced a significant change to the muting system. Now, if someone is text-muted in real time, they will also be voice-muted for the entire match. This update aims to foster better communication and discourage toxic behavior within the game.

Final Thoughts

Valorant Patch 7.01 brings a host of exciting updates, from enhanced ability visuals to the thrilling Ignition Stage of Premier. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so please continue sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.Gear up, assemble your team, and get ready to dominate the battlefield. Ignite your passion for competitive gaming and aim for the top!Stay tuned for more thrilling updates, and remember to keep your eyes on the prize as you chase victory in Valorant.Happy gaming, everyone!

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