Valorant has gained critical popularity ever since its beta launch through the popular live game streaming platform called Twitch where the platform’s top popular streamers were given early access to the game. Presently, the game has reportedly been downloaded over a hundred million times thereby increasing its player base.

Due to the growing popularity and player base, Valorant creator Riot Games has multiplied its servers across the globe which has also made it easier for some countries in the Asia Pacific region to enjoy the tactical first-person shooter game without any lag on its 128 tick servers.

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However, there are some isolated cases where users have encountered errors while connecting to the server which ultimately raises the need to restart the valorant game client. This guide will help you do the same and answer some of the reasons behind those errors in running the valorant game client.

What is a Valorant Game Client?

Unlike most online-based games that require you to use a software portal or a software service to access the game, the Valorant Game client is itself a standalone application that only requires web connectivity to run.

The valorant game client handles data operations of game execution wherein it connects with the game’s online servers to check for patches and updates before launching the game. In most cases, this client runs seamlessly when the Riot Vanguard application service is running in the background which is responsible for preventing players from tampering with the game’s data files.

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Why Restart Valorant Game Client?

In most cases, presently there are quite lesser bugs that can keep you from running the application or inhibit you from starting a game. Yet, scenarios of the existence of the same have also been witnessed, in limited numbers, that have abruptly terminated a live-playing session.

These interruptions and errors have been regarded partially due to improper updates, developer bugs, or poor performance and video memory of the user’s own system. In each of these cases, you can still run the game again by restarting the game client.

Restarting Valorant Game Client

Suppose after updating the game, the display screen of the game shows you a message to restart valorant game client, you should only exit the current running iteration of the game and launch it again using its dedicated shortcut on your desktop. If you find the mouse click ineffective on the close button then using the combination of the Alt+F4 keys on your keyboard can help you close the game.

In other scenarios where you have an unresponsive blank screen or a screen with an unresponsive process of termination, you should again try a similar approach to closing the game using the Alt+F4 keys on your keyboard. After doing so, make sure your Riot Vanguard application service is still running before you again try to run the game. If it isn’t running, you must restart your system before trying to launch the game again.

Certain situations can still prevent you from opening the game and these are generally because of when the game servers on maintenance on account of releasing a new patch or similar fixes. By using the combination of the keys stated above, you can easily close the valorant game client when it’s stuck during the update or when you simply want to force quit the game immediately.

Beware that quitting a game mid-round will cost you negatively in terms of your XP points and you may even be banned from again joining a game queue for a certain period of time.

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Final Words

By performing the above-mentioned steps, you can successfully restart valorant game client to again play this game that is a globally popular tactical FPS eSports title. The security of the valorant game client only further supports itself to become a reliable game that enjoys frequent updates and has noticeably fewer bugs unlike some Battle Royale games launched in the past couple of years. Happy Gaming!

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