Many times valorant players are in a situation where one or more of their teammates have gone AFK. When such instances occur in unrated matches, surrendering or forfeiting a game often seems feasible. However, those options result in the decline of your Valorant Rank in Competitive Game rounds.

What is Remake in Valorant?

The Remake feature is available to provide players with the option to reform a team. It serves its purpose in the absence of teammates, which often leads to an imbalance in the 5v5 gameplay scenario.

However, most valorant players are non-familiar with the procedure of how to remake in valorant. Such a lack of knowledge makes them susceptible to bear the loss of a match, thus losing precious RR points. But it’s relatively easy to initiate, provided that you perform it at the correct time.

how to remake in valorant

Initiate a Valorant Remake

Like contesting a vote when you want to surrender a match or draw an Overtime round, Remake requires voting. Usually, in the absence of one teammate, the voting will require complete conformity or Yes votes from the entire team.

When two teammates are absent, the voting will require three positive votes and so on. Thus, team participation is crucial in finalizing it, but initiating it is still possible by a single player.

To propose a Remake, simply do the following things:

  • Press the Enter key to open the chatbox on the team mode.
  • Input /remake in the chatbox area and press Enter.

The game should now queue your request to initiate a Valorant Remake vote during the beginning of the next round.

how to remake in valorant

When is Remake in Valorant Inaccessible?

It is equally important to learn when the Remake in valorant loses its availability besides learning how to remake.

Should your teammate(s) disconnect from the game within the first two rounds, you can initiate a remake request. Please note that Valorant Remake cannot be activated during the beginning of the third round under any circumstances.

If you fail to propose a Valorant Remake poll before the third round, you’ll have two unfortunate options. Either surrender the game or, worse, keep playing.

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Reducing the Need to Remake in Valorant

The best way to prevent the need to declare a remake in valorant is to queue with known valorant players. If you’re a new valorant player with good performance in a previous valorant match, try befriending your previous teammates/opponents.

Such actions can help you later in the game because:

  • You’ll be familiar with their gaming style.
  • Having better communication enables synchronous gameplay.
  • You’ll be less likely to have a wildcard that goes maverick.
how to remake in valorant

Another way to reduce the need to remake in Valorant is by joining a party. You can join a player’s party during the running valorant match, so after it ends, you can again queue together.

To join a Valorant player’s party:

  • Press Esc, and under the General settings tab, Right-click on a Player Name.
  • Select the Invite to Party option and await them to accept the invitation.

You can also make them aware of initiating an invitation in the team chat.

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