Valorant is succeedingly proving to be a lucrative yet entertaining game while pulling all of the FPS pros into its eSports scene. Numerous pro gamers hailing from popular game titles such as Counter-Strike, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other games are joining the ranks of Valorant gamers who compete to become the Radiant Valorant Players.

A year and a few months after the initial release of Valorant, the popularity of the game is still stark and vibrant, and everyone who plays the game wants to learn one common thing: How To Play Valorant Like A Pro!

Play Valorant Like A Pro Player Guide

Now, from being a bronze player to achieving an Immortal rank may seem a tough climb and though it’s indeed all that, Here’s How To Play Valorant Like A Pro to becoming competitively better at the game:

1. Valorant Crosshair Placement

You can identify multiple objects in the map and map details to help you maintain the ideal crosshair placement. If you look closely at each Valorant map, you could recognize almost every spot contains some aesthetic element that can help you correct your crosshair placement, i.e., help you aim at head level.

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It is noteworthy to learn that despite the difference in appearances, all the valorant players have the same height.

Having a finesse with your crosshair placement can get you one-taps and Ace sooner than you can complete your Valorant Battlepass Missions.

1.1 Aim

Improve your aim by first customizing your mouse sensitivity settings and then your crosshair appearance, apart from, of course, practicing to shoot enemies.

However, practicing in a deathmatch is only ideal for trying a weapon. Instead, playing the competitive/unrated game mode will help you become more competent in dealing with the string of unfolding scenarios in each round.

1.2 Recoil Pattern

Learning the recoil pattern is the first step to knowing which gun will be ideal for getting involved in close/long-range battles. Another one of the essential tips about learning how to play Valorant like a pro is to practice shooting by mouse taps (tap tap shoot) instead of relying on SPRAY AND PRAY!

How To Play Valorant Like A Pro

For instance, the Vandal (though less accurate for spraying) and the Guardian are two weapons that are valuable for engaging in long-range gun battles. In contrast, the Phantom offers a consistent spray pattern and is better for close-range combats.

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2. Valorant Credits Management

Managing your in-game Valorant credits is a matter of profound importance. During your buy round, it would be best to decide which abilities you will need in balance with, which gun you should buy, so that you don’t end up with a measly near-empty wallet in the next round.

2.1 Eco Rounds

If you’ve just lost your first round, i.e., the Pistol Round, consider saving money. Buy a rifle in the third round instead of buying a Spectre in the second round. A rule for gamers seeking to play Valorant like a pro player is to maximize their opportunities.

How To Play Valorant Like A Pro

Hence, grab the enemy gun if it’s costlier than yours and only if you can handle it. Secondly, always grab the Operator from the enemy team or try to take out maximum players from the opposite team. Especially even when your chances of winning the round are less, because buying guns, each round can become a costly affair that can ultimately lose them the match.

2.2 Buying Armour

While running eco rounds after losing each round is a piece of advice you must always follow, it’s also always better to buy light armor than buying no armor. Still, buying light armor in the first round can be a gamble, especially if you aren’t sure you’ll make the trade. There’s no try, only do.

3. Experimenting with Agents

To become competitively better at valorant, you need to learn about all of the abilities used by the 16 unique Valorant agents split among Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels. Afterward, learning to know where, how, and when to use them to extract maximum benefit out of them is crucial.

How To Play Valorant Like A Pro

Luring players with agent abilities can be wise but getting shot while holding ability is just poor judgment. Beware!

3.1 Improving Agent Skills

Use the map at your disposal to the advantage of your Valorant Agent. Explore the map in Custom game mode and try out various agent abilities for a few hours every day regardless of how much aim practice you may do. Being predictable will get you killed quicker.

How To Play Valorant Like A Pro

3.2 Using & Tracking Ultimates

So, although being predictable will get you killed quicker, you can use it to your advantage by using your agent abilities to lure the enemy players. Then, over time, you’ll learn the instances when an agent from an enemy team is bound to use their ultimate.

How To Play Valorant Like A Pro

Keeping track of the Ultimate ability becomes available to the enemy teams’ players. It will help you strategize better. To stretch this a bit further, how to play Valorant like a pro is also essentially strategizing by anticipating the next move of your enemy team.

4. Movement

Most of you may already know strategic movement is necessary to convert your Ls into dubs. But it isn’t only limited to being cautious of muting your movement when approaching a corner.

4.1 Walking & Running

ESports players who play Valorant like a pro player know that pushing a site should be done as discreetly as possible given the circumstances. Run with a knife when you need to get across quickly but use silent walking when entering a clutch situation where you’re up against 1V1, 1V2, 1V3, 1V4 scenarios.

4.2 Strafing, Crouch Shooting, and Run & Gun Mechanism

Strafing is the art of switching your position in between shooting. You take a shot and move slightly left or right, but the sequence isn’t important. What’s important is protecting your agent’s head from being locked in the crosshair by standing still while shooting. Strafing also mainly helps with managing gun recoil when mastered.

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Crouch Shooting

Then there’s Crouch shooting to implement the same rule of protecting your head in close-quarter battles, where the Run & Gun mechanism also works (only if you absolutely know where the first 9 shots out of your gun will go). Otherwise, you’ll be sprayed and possibly also T-bagged.

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5. Team Coordination

This key tip of learning to play Valorant like a pro player is at the bottom because you can’t be all too useful to your team without mastering yourself. Sure, anyone with proper rational sense can communicate on comms. Still, team coordination works excellently when the team is assured of you making your moves or at least seeing them being delivered to the point where their moves begin.

5.1 Map Callouts

Learn your map callouts, and practice not mumbling them and being quick with them by improvising them. It’s no use warning your teammate of a close left enemy when you use a callout when both of you are pushing the same site from the same angles.

5.2 Synchronicity Riding

Lastly, becoming a professional valorant player is being able to play in harmony with your teammates. There’s no way you can carry your team for all 32 rounds while being a complete nut who always goes maverick.

Still, if you like going maverick, play a duelist and communicate with your teammates about the strategy of pushing a spike site, holding the mid-site, retaking the spike site, and such. The same goes for extending your Valorant credits to your team and not incessantly bothering them about reviving you.

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