For some years now, Counter-strike players who have their origins in 1.6 have created a routine of playing all their first-person shooter games in a 4:3 ultra-wide slenderness ratio. A stretched screen with black borders on the side is believed to be the perfect FPS playing status by many gamers.

Although, some gamers just don’t like a stretched screen and choose to play Valorant Fullscreen on the primary 16:9 screen ratio. But if these players don’t have widescreen computers, then they are going to have an awful time when starting on Riot Games’ latest IP Valorant.

Widescreen slenderness ratio lovers without widescreen monitors will have a bad time in the game also. Valorant neither upholds a 4:3 ratio nor does the graphics fill out widescreen monitors all that perfectly. So both these types of gamers are playing in an environment which the other favored.

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Likewise, any other new PC game, specifically if it’s a new one made to be played via combat, one of your initial stops should be the settings menu where you’ll be capable to customize your experience to your taste.

Valorant has a broad range of settings available, giving you the authority to change even the minimum of things. This article includes an overview of all settings in the Valorant menu and helps you enhance them! So this article will help you to play Valorant Fullscreen just the way you look forward to.

Fixing the Ultra-wide Issue for Widescreen Monitors in Valorant

You can very simply fix the over-extension problem on broad screens by going into the Valorant settings and customizing your graphics settings a bit. Modify the predefined Valorant Fullscreen resolution to 2,560 x 1,440 16:10, and you will see that the game switches out of the stretched system. This gives you a more defined view of the game, without having black bars on the border. 

Now, get back to your settings again, implement ‘fill’ along with ‘windowed full screen’. You will then see that the black borders are removed, but the game is still stretched. Lastly, change ‘windowed full screen’ to just ‘full screen’.

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Getting Stretched 4:3 Ratio in VALORANT

The reason why the 4:3 feature ratio is not up for a catch in Valorant is because the creators are strongly opposing players using it. But, if you’re set on getting the stretched screen for the Valorant game, and you are using an NVIDIA graphics card, then open up your NVIDIA control panel, and direct to “Display”.

Then run to “Adjust Desktop Size and Position”, click on ‘Full screen’ in “Scaling” and that should do the dupe. But if you desire black boundary as well, then choose the “Aspect Ratio” alternative. If the above two options don’t work, choose ‘GPU.’

How to Make Valorant Fullscreen?

To make the full screen possible in Valorant, you will initially require to make changes to your monitor’s resolution. To make these modifications, you must go to load up the ‘GameUserSettings.ini’ file on your computer and make some modifications.

You can approach this file by seeking terms in your local disk drive. Be sure that the Valorant is installed in that drive to be able to find this file. Once you have done searching, the results should show up within a few seconds.

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After performing the changes, you need to save the file and Re-launch the game. This should clear the full-screen problem with Valorant. You also need to ensure that you have the most recent Valorant update on your PC. Happy Gaming!

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