The Valorant Game is one of the most well-received game titles developed by Riot Games that is to date proving to be immensely popular among the gaming community, even after a year of its official launch on 2nd June 2020. The game has so far made an estimated $20 billion revenue and is continually growing to also become a popular global eSports title.

This tactical FPS shooter allows a player to now pick any of the 16 in-game agents to play among seven different maps as opposed to the only eight agents and three maps that were available during its beta phase before its official release. This hints at the availability of gaining more maps and playable agents as they grow in terms of both revenue and popularity.

Despite this, if you still find yourself quitting or wanting to leave the valorant game at any point, it is still possible to do so using a few controls that will land you back on your desktop screen. Currently, since the game lacks multiplatform support, these methods only apply to its Windows OS-based game variant that is run using a special game client.

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Leaving Valorant Game

Whether you have something urgent to attend to during the mid-round of your running game or if you want to rage quit, you can do so by following the below-mentioned steps that will help you to terminate the game.

You can press the ALT+F4 combination on your keyboard at any time when the game application is running to quit the game, however, it is an unsystematic way that should not be used too often. To instead quit the game after the end of all the rounds, in the home menu of the game, you can click on the setting icon on the top right corner of your screen to get options that display the ‘Exit to Desktop button’. Clicking it will then return you two options namely ‘Exit’ & ‘Exit and Sign-Out’.

Using either of these options stated lastly will return you the respective self-explanatory results and will help you safely quit your game application. Quitting the application in a systematic way will also help you observe noticeably fewer incidences of the app crashing in the future.

If you’d still rather use the force exit method to leave valorant using the shortcut keys, you may have to deal with certain significant consequences of it.

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Consequences of Leaving Valorant Game

Like everything in the world that has consequences of its own, leaving a valorant game also has some if you choose to use the unsystematic method of quitting the game. You’ll be facing either of the two types of penalties of leaving a running game which is ensured in place to allow players to have a healthy game routine and to prevent the imbalance of gaming rounds.

Experience Points Penalty

Leaving a game after you’ve entered the first round or even when you are on the last round right before the results are displayed, will cost you experience points wherein your game progress namely kills and other stats from the incomplete game won’t be counted in your overall statistics. This is true for all the unranked rounds as well as spike rush and escalation rounds.

To avoid facing this penalty, ensure that you complete the game and then begin another round. If you have had any connection problems that have resulted in leaving the game mid-way then you can write to the developers of Valorant in their support forums to further get assistance on the issue.

In-Game Queuing Penalty

This penalty is usually applicable when you quit a ranked match before its completion. The developers pride themselves on the queuing system that they have established for Valorant and to prevent its degradation, they will levy a time penalty for early quitting the round so that the players are less motivated to leave the game halfway.

The exact duration of the time penalty differs with rank tiers but it has so far effectively kept massive numbers of users from quitting the game. There’s also the case where a player may go AFK from the game too long and is then ejected from the match to maintain fair play.

Final Words

The following penalties are among the few things that you must be careful of other than the fact that repeatedly leaving Valorant via an unsafe procedure will also possibly damage your game files. You can also learn how to restart the Valorant game or how to verify valorant game files from us.

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  • yaboiitacobell
    July 12, 2023 at 6:38 pm Reply
    hey riot im having a system problem of valorant saying that im having AFK penalty even though im exiting correctly like how i read to exit properly, im wondering if theres a problem with the system or am i still not exiting correctly?.

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