The global game library has no shortage of exciting tactical FPS games, yet, Riot Games Inc released Valorant. It can be considered an overnight success of how quickly it became a sensation during its beta drops release event. Everyone was playing it or talking about it. However, most valorant players are still unaware of how to chat in valorant.

How to Chat in Valorant: Team & All Chat

It also found that some players are unaware of how to type in all chat valorant to communicate with opponents. The typical reason a player would want to write in All Chat in Valorant is to respond to threats or wisecracks by the opponents. Sure, responding with your crosshair and kills works better, but nothing beats trash talking, especially in tactical FPS games.

Now, to become familiar with how to chat in valorant, you must know about the two ways you can use the Valorant Chat:

  • Team Chat
  • All Chat
How to Chat in Valorant

Team Valorant Chat

“How to Type in Team Chat Valorant: Press the Enter key on your Keyboard.”

Communicating with allies in Valorant is essential for making specific events happen to support the team. Even if you’re someone who uses voice communication for notifying allies about in-game events, using team valorant chat helps immensely.

  • Making the team aware before initiating a flash/smoke ability to prevent confusion.
  • Notifying allies regarding Damage to Opponents after you’ve died.
  • Mentioning Spike Plant site location to allies without using Voice Comms.
  • Implementing team valorant chat commands to initiate /forfeit or surrender vote.
  • Using team valorant chat commands to Re-Make team when an ally is AFK.
  • Responding to Game Surrender voting or re-make team voting.
  • Discreetly notifying ally of enemy sighting without flooding team voice comms.
  • And so on.

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Valorant All Chat

“How to Type in All Chat Valorant: Press the Shift + Enter key on your Keyboard.”

The use of Valorant All Chat is similarly helpful for various reasons. From commemorating the skills of the opposing team to notifying them of an AFK teammate, learning how to type in all chat valorant is essential all the same. Moreover, it can also allow you to respond to the trash talk that usually happens in FPS games.

Here’s learning how to type in all chat valorant helps in your valorant gameplay:

  • Notify the opposing players about an AFK teammate to help end the game round quicker.
  • Respond to trash-talking Valorant Opponents or initiate it to level the playing field.
  • Organize duels between a specific valorant enemy to elevate the competitiveness.
  • Agree or disagree about using guns like Ares & Odin, which are often known to irritate opponents.
  • Initiate match surrender or match re-make voting queue for the team.
  • Coaches can initiate timeouts during competitive matches using all chat.
  • And so on.
Valorant Keybinds

Valorant Chatbox Commands

  • Initiating Team Chat: Type /team + the message. Use Enter to send.
  • Initiating Party Chat: Type /party + the message. Use Enter to send.
  • Initiating All Chat: Type /all + the message, Use Enter to send.
  • Initiating Whisper/Personal Chat: Press Enter and Use Tab, then Write the player’s name & press Enter. Type the message & press Enter to send.
  • Responding to a private message: Use /r and select the player’s name using Arrow Keys. Press Enter and type a message followed by pressing Enter to send.
  • Emojis: Use ALT key + NumPad Keys
    • For sending a Heart Emoji: Use Alt + 3
    • For sending a Spade Emoji: Use Alt + 4
    • For sending Random Emojis: Use Alt + A double-digit number between 10 to 99.
  • Nullify a game: Use Enter + /Remake. (Only works if a teammate disconnects before round 2Surrender : Use Enter + /ff or Enter + /surrender or Enter + /concede

How to Chat in Valorant: Radio Communication Commands

The chat box in Valorant is not limited to fulfilling in-game communication. For instance, it presents a notification when a valorant player from your friend list invites you to join their party. Similarly, when your ally invites you to join their queue party, you will get a notification even while being in-game.

But, beyond utilizing textual chats, communicating with your voice is relatively a better alternative. You can communicate with your allies quickly via voice chat and get your message across clearly. Furthermore, it helps immensely to organize your gameplay when you discuss it via voice chat during buy-time.

How to Chat in Valorant

If you’d like to stay anonymous, you can also access the valorant radio communication commands in-game. Such commands can be categorized into two types, and they’ll be spoken by the respective valorant agent you pick. Additionally, since those commands have separate voice lines, they’re nearly as good as using your voice.

You can initiate the radio commands below via the Ping button (MB3) or by pressing the Comma key. Note that both key-presses will open different radio commands menus.

Social Communication

  • Yes
  • Hello
  • Commend
  • Thanks
  • Sorry
  • No

In-Game Communication

  • Caution
  • Retaliating
  • I’ll Take Point
  • On My Way
  • Need Healing
  • Ultimate Status
  • Need Support
  • Watching Area
How to Chat in Valorant

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Valorant Communication Tips for Radio Commands & Chatbox

  • Use the chat box scarcely as possible as its sudden appearance can be distracting.
  • Use the Radio Commands wisely or use the Mouse Ping facility to mark the enemy location instead of the chatbox.
  • Discussing gameplay in the All chat can be considered an act of sabotaging the gameplay. Hence you can be reported.
  • Inciting trash talk using cuss words or abusive language are also grounds for being reported.
  • Prevent spamming the chatbox to keep the team communications linear and to the point.
  • Mention spike site location by merely typing a, b or c. Reading Extra words is time-consuming.
  • Discuss the act of rotation in the chatbox so your teammates can hear footsteps while becoming aware of newer plans.

The Final Call

Understandably if you’re now familiar with how to chat in valorant, we hope you’ll make the best of it. Suppose it’s difficult to remember the commands to initiate the specific requests like surrender or re-make. In that case, you can press Esc and under General Settings, use the Surrender button to start a vote.

Lastly, remember the Communication Tips and play accordingly to avoid getting reported from allies or opponents, Happy Gaming!

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