Valorant is a First Person Shooter game housing 17 different types of unique weapons aside from the good ‘ol slashing melee knife. Buying any guns in valorant will cost you credits, and they are provided at the beginning of each round. A simple way to gain more credits is by increasing the number of enemies you kill.

To be the one who bags the maximum kills, you’ll need to understand which weapon works best for you in various scenarios. You’ll also need to learn how to maximize your chances of winning the rounds by using each gun at the price you can afford.

Before you start taking names with the arsenal of valorant weapons, you must first understand the damage each of them inflicts upon the enemy, along with other information such as their fire rate, the range, and so on.

Being aware of these stats comes in handy in the early rounds and during the match point stage. Let’s then, without further ado, delve into the Valorant weapon guide.

Guns in Valorant

Your in-game economy management is important to succeed in each round. When you’re killed off in a round, the next round will require a weapon purchase which means spending the in-game credits.

Although you start with the classic pistol, you can buy other pistols in the initial round. Buying a Sheriff is ideal when you’re fairly better at shooting heads, or you can instead save the credits, which is suitable for building up the economy to buy heavier weapons in the upcoming rounds.

Some guns have the one-shot kill potential (aside from two shotguns). Those include two snipers, two rifles, and two pistols, namely Operator, Marshall, Guardian, Vandal, Sheriff, and Ghost. These guns have high damage infliction than other weapons and are ideal for people with a sharp aim to tag headshots.

Besides the headshot kill potential, which is economically rewarding, the game also recognizes damage to the body and legs. Still, it’s noteworthy to remember that the default health of each player starts with 100 HP, which can be increased by 25 or 50 additional HP when you buy light or heavy armor.

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Assault Rifles in Valorant

The Valorant game offers you four different assault rifles to choose between, and each of them has its separate damage ratio, recoil pattern, and fire rate.

  • Bulldog

It is a weapon that runs on burst fire mode, and it can be useful when aiming down on an enemy while holding a position. Its mag size is 24 with medium wall penetration, and it inflicts 115, 35, and 29 damage to HP on the head, body, and legs. It costs 2050.

  • Guardian

Having a shorter mag size at 12, Guardian offers a semi-automatic fire rate and is useful only in the hands of someone with a good aim who can deal headshots. Its damage stands at a staggering 195 while the body and legs damage is a mere 65 and 48 with high wall penetration. It costs 2250.

  • Phantom

Although the Phantom has medium penetration and uses a mag size f 24 mag size, It is by no means average. It offers a relatively quicker firing rate at 11 RDS/sec, but its damage infliction drops with range. Under 15, 30, and 30+ meters, it inflicts 156, 140, and 124 damage to the head, whereas, for the body, it stands at 39, 35, 31, and for legs, it deals 33, 29, and 26, respectively. It costs 2900.

  • Vandal

The primary choice of weapon for most gamers, the vandal has a medium penetration with a mag size of 25. It has a slower firing rate than Phantom at 9.75 RDS/sec, but it’s ideal for getting one-tap headshots. It deals 159, 36, and 33 damage to the head, the body, and the legs, respectively, across all ranges while costing only 2900.

Guns in Valorant

SMG Guns in Valorant

There are two only kinds of SMGs that you can use if you prefer their quick-fire rate or prefer taking your battles in a close range. Universally, SMGs lose their damage infliction ratio as the range increases.

  • Stinger

It is the first SMG and the only one with low wall penetration while having a short mag size of 20. Still, it has the potential to be lethal in close range. Its damage is divided between 20 and 20+ meters, with the head’s damage being 67 and 62. To the body and legs, the damage stands at 27, 25, and 22, 21 respectively, which is a proper justification of its cost at only 950 credits.

  • Spectre

The best SMG in its class in valorant game, it has a medium wall penetration with a mag size of 30 for dealing 78 and 66 headshot damage but only 26 and 22 to the body. The legs damage is 22 and 18, but it costs 1600, which is a good bargain for a better fire rate, better wall penetration, and bigger clip size.

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Shotguns in Valorant

There’s nothing more joyous than blowing the skull off or spilling the guts of the enemy all over the place. Using a shotgun when dealing with enemies who like to rush or when you’re closely defending a site can be incredibly rewarding to ramp up your KD ratio.

  • Bucky

It is the basic shotgun in valorant, yet by no means is it anything ordinary in its function. Bucky has a low wall penetration with a small size of 5, but it deals 40, 20, and 17 damage to the head, body, and legs under 8 meters. It costs a mere 850.

  • Judge

It is the ultimate shotgun for Jett-main duelists and others. Having a mag size of 7 and a better firing rate than the Bucky with medium wall penetration, it has been extensively abused in previous episodes and acts by professional valorant players in tournaments, providing astonishing Ace scenarios.

For countering such effect, its cost was increased to 1850 despite keeping the damage identical at just 34, 17, and 14 damage to the head, body, and legs.

Snipers Guns in Valorant

The sniper guns in this game won’t disappoint you, but their cost has generated mixed reactions from game streamers and other gamers.

  • Marshal

It has a medium wall penetration rate with a mag size of 5 bullets. But, it’s still capable of being called lethal when it delivers 202 headshot damage, 101 damage to the body, and 85 legs damage while only costing 950.

  • Operator

The Operator is the best of the best and the costliest Valorant gun at 4700. Getting tagged from it means an instant kill due to its high wall penetration rate and one-shot kill potential except when you hit a leg, delivering just 120 damage. Its deadly 150 & 255 body and headshot damage are why the elite prefers it, especially those experienced with the AWP in Counter-strike.

Operator gun valorant

Heavy Guns or LRMGs in Valorant

Those that enjoy a little razzle-dazzle on the battlegrounds and aren’t afraid of wielding something heavy with the firepower to blow holes in the walls will like and use these valorant long-range machine guns.

  • Ares

It registers high wall penetration while costing a mere 1550. It has a fire rate of 10 RDS/sec, which increases over time while carrying a mag size of 50 bullets. A valorant agent can clear multiple enemies with a mag, as it deals 72, 30, and 25 damage to the head, body, and legs under 30 meters, respectively.

  • Odin

The beast of a valorant machine gun, Odin, has a high wall penetration and a massive mag size of 100 bullets, costing only 3200. It makes Odin cheaper than an operator and better in terms of accuracy than the Ares. It deals 95, 38, and 32 damage to the head, body, and legs, respectively.

Pistols/Sidearm in Valorant

The savior during reloads or the palm-chucks with serious hurting capabilities than a basic knife, a pistol is equally essential in this game. You can pick between 5 that meets your need the best.

  • Classic

A Classic is the default pistol that you spawn with at the beginning of each round. It fires both single shots and a burst fire that is adequate with the short 12 mag size for dealing 78, 26, and 22 damage to the head, body, and legs under 30 meters.

classic pistol valorant
  • Shorty

The cheapest weapon of all, Shorty, costing a mere 150, is handy for close-range duels as the magazine is limited to 2 with low wall penetration ability. The pellets deal decent damage to valorant attackers or defenders at 36, 12, and 10 for the head, the body, and the legs.

  • Frenzy

Frenzy costs 450, but it is somewhat different than other pistols despite its low wall penetration. Its mag size is 13, possessing the fire rate of an automatic weapon but not without more significant recoil. It deals 78, 26, and 22 damage to the head, body, and legs. Imagine a nail gun, only a little more lethal.

  • Ghost

The best pistol among the Valorant community for most gamers, the Ghost offers medium wall penetration with a quicker fire rate while having a mag size of 15. It can deal 105, 30, and 25 damage to the head, body, and legs, thereby qualifying it for the one-shot kill ability and ideal standalone eco-round use.

  • Sheriff

Despite the shorter mag size of 6, this is a revolver with high wall penetration ability. At the same time, it also has a higher reload time despite having the capacity to deal damage of 159, 55, and 46 to the head, body, and legs per shot.

Hence, it qualifies for having a one-shot kill ability and a standalone firearm use for those who have both their aim and movement mastered.

Recoil Patterns in Valorant

Only learning about the damage capabilities of these guns in valorant isn’t enough because, during a heated battle between teams, it’s not always that each bullet will strike the enemy.

So, learning the recoil patterns too is essential to becoming better at the game.

Also, since each gun has its own distinct recoil pattern, you can memorize it by practicing it on the shooting/practice ground.

Note: Remember that bullets can penetrate few objects such as boxes and walls. So use that to your advantage when you’re certain an enemy could be hiding behind those objects. It’s also helpful to discourage enemies from peeking corners or pushing them from rushing a site.

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