Valorant is a classic 5v5 Tactical First-Person Shooter game that allows you to play as different agents among five different maps. If you want to repair your game client, head over to this link or keep reading further if you want your valorant name change.

Changing Your Name

Whatever may be the reason behind your desire for a valorant name change, from becoming unrecognizable in lobbies to simply trying something new, you’ll simply have to close your game and have your Riot ID ready at hand to proceed to the next step. If you don’t have your Riot ID ready, visit the official support page of Riot Games to get further assistance about recovering your account.

What is Riot ID?

If you’ve forgotten all about Riot ID already, it is the combination of alphabets and a hashtag followed by 5 numbers or alphabets. The whole of is used by players to find you or add you to the games. It is connected to your Riot Games account, and under no circumstances should you share it with another person for security reasons.

As you may see in the picture, your Riot ID is visible to other players when you’re in the lobby or queuing for a game.

Note: Riot Account ID and Riot ID are two separate items with their different uses.

What is Riot Account ID?

To better avoid confusion, A Riot Account ID is what you use to login into the Riot Games website to download the Valorant Client. Your Riot Account ID and Password are also the key to a successful sign-in into the game client, allowing you to play the game. A Riot Account ID can also be used to adjust certain game settings that aren’t connected with the gameplay, such as account location and account name.

Valorant Name Change – Step by Step

Now, to change valorant name, you must access your Riot Games Account first. Since the game name or your display name in the game is tied to your Riot ID, we’ll have to visit the official website to make the changes.

  • Visit this link and login using your Riot Account ID.
Change Name in valorant
  • Enter your Verification code received on your registered email ID to login and access the Account Management section.
  • Click on the ‘Riot ID’ menu given on the page’s left section under ‘Account Management.’
valorant name change
  • If you see the above-depicted screen, then you may proceed to change your Riot ID. It is possible to either only change your Riot ID or only change your Tagline or both as per your requirements.
  • Enter a new Valorant display name and proceed to change your tagline to any combination of three- or four-digit numerical values using 0-9 keys. You can also use the randomizer for the tagline to get unique figures.

Note: Some regions may instead show Alphabets in place of the tagline, such as TopGaming#EUW for Western Europe regions and so on.

  • After making the changes, click ‘Save Changes.’ If the new username is available, the changes will be visible in the Riot Games systems.
  • Lastly, login into the game to see the changes.

Can’t change Riot ID?

If you cannot change your Riot ID, it can be mainly because one can change a Riot ID only once every 30 days.  From becoming unrecognizable in lobbies to simply trying something new, you can currently change your valorant name for any reason and as many times as you may prefer. However, once you have made a change, you cannot change it again within this duration.

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Final Words

Following these steps should easily fulfill your need for valorant name change. Presently, doing so doesn’t cost you anything, unlike it is for other Riot Games where you will need credits to change your display name. You could also use these steps to change your Riot Account ID information for free at any time, such as your Password, location, etc. Be sure never to share your Riot Account ID with anyone and only share your Riot ID with your friends.

Happy Gaming!

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